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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Foodstagram: Food made in Lab!

Hello there!

   Just want to share with you what I've been doing here in UP! Haha! Yes, I'm studying. But this course of mine is really fun to study! Haha! In time with those of you who took the UPCAT last weekends. Good luck!! Hope you've already decided what course to take- what you really know and love- because mind you, SHIFTING  is a tedious and, either  a heart-breaking or heart- pounding process. We use to have this inside joke that UP stands for "University of Pila" since every sem and enrollment weeks, the lines (especially prerog and payment) are too long! So it take much time before you get through the enrollment (and shifting) process which is, you'll probably experience NOT ON YOUR FIRST YEAR/SEM. So good luck also with that! And why am I talking about that huh? I just shifted from my first love, Computer Engineering but unfortunately we're not meant to be, so I shifted to Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management! I think it's a destined love. So here I am now sharing to you my venture!

          Also if you picked this course here in UP, this might be a little intro to you. Hopefully this will motivate you to pass the UPCAT! Haha! Of course this involves a little cooking that is why we have this subject. Don't jump into conclusions- this is not what really defines the course.  Remember, intro? :) But to add the flair of surprise, I won't mention the subject name.(unless you've been my follower on Instagram! @moriela20 ). This class is like culinary class with chemistry. And for the month of June and July, here are the foods done by our group and the other groups! Some of them are posted on my Instagram (and more to follow!).

For the first few weeks, we prepared simple recipes. Usually involved a lot of waiting and mixing. But always, we do sensory evaluation of the prepared food.

1st Week!
Our group made a fondant!

That ensaymada's mine actually! Haha! It's only the fondant we made.

2nd Week: Our favorite! Ice Creams!!!

Ingredient for the Strawberry Nugget Ice cream!

3rd Week!
We also made Pancit Luglog! Yuuuumm!! This was partnered with the ice cream so it was like there was a party inside the lab!

Biko, Maja Blanca, Chicharon (used as a topping for Pancit Luglog) and our Pancit Luglog!

 4th Week
So far our the most arduos ( exaggerated, yes) so far, yet I won't forget how these smell and taste, the cinnamon rolls. That time we learned that making bread is very hard and takes a lot of time and patience than regular pan cooking.

Doughnuts made by the other group

5th Week!
Next we made biscuits and kalabasa tarts!

Blind baking!

Biscuits! Just out of the oven!

Buttered biscuits!

Our kalabasa tarts took a lot of time to cook since it required blind baking of the crust.
Meanwhile here are the other products of the other groups.
Banana Cream Pie

 Herb Pasta

Here they did manually the pasta. When I say manually, I meant of creating those from flour mixture-strand by strand!

After a long while, here are the kalabasa tarts! I made the filling of those!!! #soproud :)

 Agghh food porn! Yes I know! Keep checking my updates on my IG account @moriela20 for