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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Fashion 21 cosmetics;Pressed powder, blush and eyeliner

Hi Charmed girls!!

How's the holiday break going? Most of us are doing the eat-sleep routine for those staying at home, while some are on a trip! Anywhere you are, just enjoy the holidays, right?

As much as I want to update, I have a magazine work to do first :D  I am currently experiencing writer's block! So I think I have to free my thoughts by blogging. Anyways, here's a review I can share to you :D

I'm not really fond of make-up products. For the record, I only buy make-up when there's an event I got to attend or when I'm eyeing on something and it suddenly on sale. Just like this Fashion 21 cosmetic pack that includes a pressed powder, a blush and an eyeliner for only P125! I've used up my Avon blush and need another shade of pressed powder. The eyeliner became a bonus for me!

Pressed powder ingredients

Blush ingredients

Let's start with the pressed powder. It has a yellow shade.

I was thinking twice to buy the pack because of the shade of the pressed powder. Because the beauty assistant just tried the product on my arm. And I heard ( rumor has it), that this shade will kinda look fake on your skin. But I realized that it doesn't look fake on some skin tones. In fact it makes a "sun-kissed" effect on your face. :)

Evens out your skin, decreasing the appearance of dark spots (see my face test below)
No irritating smell
Yellowish shade for my skin tone

No mirror
No brush/sponge or any applicator
Over application= "happy foundation day". It would look fake and cakey.

Fashion 21 Black Eyeliner that goes with a.. uhmm a brush on the cap. That I don't know what it is for!

Honestly, when I first tried it, I didn't like how stiff it is and painful to apply. But then I realized after like 4 attempts to try it, (just not to waste my money) it worked, but since I'm not expecting too much from it, I'm just okay with the result. Now, I'm using it every time I go out on ordinary days.

If you just want this for everyday use and you don't want to spend too much for an eyeliner

Hard to apply
Stiff end

Next is the Teen's Fashion 21 blusher, that I'm loving among the three! It serves both blush and highlighting the cheeks that gives a natural, faint glow.

When you remove the lid

Gives you that natural glittering glow
Blush + highlighting
pink shade

No applicator
Messy! Glitters all over your face?
Over application might make you look like you just spent long hours under the sun

Here's my face with only my moisturizer on. I have oily skin (thus the blemishes). And staying up late at night and stress adds to it (not to mention my school work). *sighs*

With Fashion 21 pressed powder

It somewhat concealed my blemishes. See they're less evident here. And notice the yellow shade.

With Teen's Fashion 21 blusher

From pale to glowing and glittering! Those glitters can be messy though. It would scatter all around your face but it's nice to give you that natural glow.

With Fashion 21 black eyeliner

With my eyes closed. *notice some of the glitters?*

And here's the over-all result

I forgot to finish off with a lippie though. But I can say the result is satisfying enough for an everyday natural look :D

Have you tried any of these? Share your experiences too!




  1. I think the pressed powder does it job so well. Btw, I just followed you. I hope you can check my blog and follow me, too.

    XX, Jenniya

    1. Hi Jenniya! Thanks! I'm using the pressed powder often and it's good it doesn't give me break outs :D Will follow back :D