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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nouveau Hairstyle: Hello 2013!!!

Hello Charmed girls!

   It has been a gleeful first day of class in 2013 for me today considering I just had one class because most of my profs are still on vacation. The bad side was I have to wake up early just to know that you don't have a first class. *sighs*. Anyway, the good side is I have a lot of time seeing my friends and chatting with them *haha XD*. Exchange of ideas and 'how are you's'? And to know that a lot has changed! Like moi… ta-da! New year, new HAIR STYLE!

My hair before was cut short without bangs. Then it grew down to my shoulders. But it became lifeless and "bagsak", so I always put it up. Few weeks ago I decided to go to my mom and I's favorite hair dresser/ stylist in our area, her name is Gina Rebucas. She was also the one who cut my hair short before. I really just wanted to have bangs to add style for my hair but, as usual, my dad wanted me to cut it shorter. But I don't want to cut it very short because I'll have my debut this May!" So what I'm gonna do?" I told myself while I'm with my bestfriend, Daisy. Fast forward, we went to Gina's Salon and I told Gina that I want to have bangs but not so short hair. Then she said that I should have layers and a side swept bangs.  She also told me I have a round face so almost any hairstyle would suit me (and also makeup style). After my haircut, my mom noticed that my bangs are not visible, then after a few days of thinking about it. Guess what I did? I did my bangs!! 

If you only knew how long I've held the scissors and doubted about it.

"It's hard to look right at you baby, so here's my number, so TEXT me maybe" haha XD Carly Ray Jepsen ang peg! haha XD Some people told me I look Korean. Well anyway, thanks for everybody I saw today and complimented my nouveau hair! Especially to the one who really made my day :"> :D

Anyway, I hope you could relate to my experience. Haha XD In my next post I want to share with you my current obsession. CLUE: It's a series. Shhh.....

 How about you? What's your hairstyle for 2013?




  1. Talagang di maka-getover, fineature pa sa blogpost! Name drop! :)))<3

  2. you look fresh after cut :D

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