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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Noli Me Tangere:The Opera(Experience plus Q&A with the cast!!)

   I will never forget what happened last Saturday, July 21. It was raining cats and dogs and I was just walking to Palma Hall to watch Noli Me Tangere. But the rains just excite me more, and make me more eager to watch the first Dulaang UP play I will ever watch in the history of my UP life. I'm hearing great reviews from other students that the Dulaang UP plays were very good and amazing! So my expectation just got higher and higher 'til I was inside the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, which can be found at the 2nd floor of Palma Hall, and waiting for the play to start.

Nuff of the formality! Okay, so excited talaga ako! Alam mo 'yon, Noli Me Tangere, the critically acclaimed novel of Dr.Rizal tapos Opera pa? In case you don't know, I'm singing too. My mom studied Music in her college years,she loves classics . I think sa kanya ko namana kahit kaunti? Haha! I loved music, not only pop songs but also classics and opera, like Broadway musicals! Na-appreciate ko talaga ang Opera version ng Noli.

So then I was seated at the 2nd row. So close I can really see the actors and actresses, their emotions and feelings. They are like professionals, even though some are just young opera singers. I really loved the moment of Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara during the Suyuan sa Asotea part where they exchanged greetings and expressed how they miss each other.  Nakakatuwa rin makita ang ligawan /suyuan noong unang panahon!Nakakakilig!! The part that made my cry was when Ibarra was about to leave Maria Clara. Remember, tumakas lang siya kasama si Elias ngunit nagpaalam pa rin siya kay Maria Clara upang sabihin lamang na pinapalaya na niya ito sa kaniyang pangako sa kanyang ina na aalagaan nila ang isa't isa hanggang kamatayan; Sinabi ni Crisostomo na maari na siyang mag-asawa ng iba. Sinabi naman ni Maria Clara na limutin na siya nito. And then Elias came and said "Andyan na ang mga gwardya-sibil!". When Crisostomo was about to leave, he kissed the hand of Maria Clara,who did not look back. And Elias and Crisostomo left, and after that we heard gunshots, "Crisostomo!!!", Maria Clara wailed. So heart felt.

Can we forget Sisa? Siya ata ang star sa novel na ito. Sisa represents the Philippines;magpagparaya, mapagmahal at matiisin. Her moment where she was crazy, looking for Basilio and Crispin, sent me shivers as she sang melodiously while dancing and wandering around the stage singing high-pitched notes! "That was hard!", I think.Really, kailangan mo ng malakas na stamina for you to sustain that energy. A round of applause from the audience after that.

Everybody in the play did great! Padre Damaso, Padre Salvi, Pilosopo Tasyo, Donya Victorina and her husband Don Tiburcio, Tiya Isabel and Kapitan Tyago, Basilio and Crispin and the whole cast! They are so in character. Wala kang mapapansin na iba. Kahit na wala sa kanila 'yong focus ng scene umaarte pa rin sila! And they are all great singers! Another big hand for all of you!!!

    Whew! After the play I was doubting whether I would leave or stay to congratulate them. Ang ginawa ko? I approached Ms. Camille Lopez-Molina, the musical director and told her it was a pleasure to watch a DUP play for the first time! And we took picture!! Sabi nga niya " Sure ka? Magpapapicture ka sa akin?".  For me, the first persons to acknowledge were the people behind it. I was lucky kasi pinayagan niya akong makapakinig sa Q&A ng isang drama club from one school that also watched the play. Wow, para akong may backstage pass!Here are some questions and their answers to them:

Me with Ms. Camille Lopez-Molina

Q: How do you budget your time? Like how do you study and practice at the same time?
Sisa(Jean Judith Javier): It's all about time management. You just have to balance out everything. For me, discipline is important.
A(I forgot from whom): You have to sacrifice. For the love of what you are doing. For me, I really love acting so I sacrificed everything. And now, it was being paid off.

Q: What's your preparation for the play?
Ms. Camille Molina: Remember it's a restaging, so it's just like the first. We started the auditions last June (last year) and we had almost five months of practice; that includes singing, acting, individual workshops and group workshops.
Don Tiburcio: Before the play, we vocalize then we make everyone run around to increase our stamina. The adrenalin rush, it will boost our energy on stage.

Q: How do you keep your voice in good condition?
Maria Clara(Iona Ventoclla): Hydrate! Drink lots of water!
Ms. Camille Molina: Sleep! Sleep is important. You can practice all day but in the end you have to rest, you have to sleep.
Tiya Isabel: Don't drink[alcoholic drinks]. Don't smoke.

Q: What are your adjustments for this play?
Crisostomo Ibarra(Ivan Niccolo Nery): Like for me, I'm actually a singer, not an actor so I have to learn how to act for me to do well.
Ms.Camille Molina: Some of them are not portraying the character of their age, like [the man who portray] Tasyo who is only 21 years old. He must know how to act and speak like an old man.

Q: How can you be still in character? Or how do you absorb it?
Tiya Isabel: You have to research your character. Kung ano 'yong character niya then you should be like that too.
A(I forgot from whom): You just have to love what you are doing. If you take it by heart then it will come out naturally. It has to be organic. Madali kasing mapansin ng audience kapag hindi organic ang acting.

While I was watching all of the cast listening and answering the questions, my stomach is turning and my legs are shaking for excitement to have a close contact to them!! ( Feeling close ako eh! Haha! ). It’s the funny and exciting thing, right? Seeing them not in character, how they interact in real life…. Haaay… Pinakaaabangan natin 'yong magsalita sila without their lines. Pwede na talaga akong maging stalker-slash-paparazzo-slash-intrigera!

Here's my moment with Ibarra and Maria Clara:
Me with Ivan Niccolo Nery(Crisostomo Ibarra) and Iona Ventocilla(Maria Clara)

 Shhhh!! I had a crush to one of the cast… the guy who portrayed Antonio Linares… So sad I didn't have the chance to take picture with him :(( He's so handsome and cute pa naman!!! Haha XD

Everybody wants to have pic with Sisa! She's really a good actress and singer.

Sisa( Jean Judith Javier) with a student
Be sure to watch the plays of Dulaang UP. I will post the upcoming shows here. I promise you won't regret watching their plays. Sulit ang ticket! And maybe you will have a chance to have a blogger bonding with us! 'Til next!

**Interview conducted by the students of Assumption. Question and answers  and the person who answered  may not be accurately the same as it is. 


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