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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Contact Lens Review: Crystal Contact Lens in Sapphire Brown

Hello Charmed!

It's been a long time since I came around, been a long time and I'm back in town... (You and I- Lady Gaga) and I would like to start March with a cute post! Especially those who will be attending debuts, proms and graduations, isn't it hassle wearing glasses during these moments? First, they ruin our make-up (esp. eye make-up), second: they don't look good in pictures (Nerd! Stuff!) and lastly, uhmm, sometimes they leave nose dents >.< I used to have that problem since I started attending events, and my problem is that I really have bad eyesight (see my grade below) so I have to wear my specs but I always remove them when taking pictures because they don't look really good on me. Since then I wanted to try on contact lenses, but just this week I ordered from Ate Xandra of Pandora's Boxes yesterday was the perfect day to use them! Guess where? Aimee's debut!!! Yes! My co-blogger Aimee, the kind and sweet girl turned to a lot more sweeter lady :D
Okay more of that soon! But now I'll share my review of the Crystal Contact Lens-Saphire Brown from Pandora's Boxes!

I availed of the graded lenses and I texted to Ate Xandra the design and grade last Monday. I picked Ruby Brown first but she said the design and grade was not available so I opted for Saphire Brown which is equally cute. :D I just wanted a simple design, not so obvious, and brown-- because I'm brown eyed.

Here it is when I wore it last night. It's kinda yellow-brown, as compared to Ate Paige's "brown" contact lens.

Inside the lens case

BTW, when you order your pair from Pandora's Boxes, it comes with the lens case :D

The design is simple but sophisticated. Not too girly but not too boring :D

My eyes without lenses

Under incandescent lighting

Under daylight


Comfort: Since I'm a first timer, I wouldn't deny that I experience the uneasiness when I wore it for the first few hours but after some time it seems like I just have natural 20:20 vision eyes! Ahh, what a beautiful world!

Design: I'm not really a fan of animated, complicated designs, though one of my friends told me that my eyes got bigger and scarier :<  But I still like it!

Size:  Lesson learned-- Don't pick 15mm lens when you have small eyes! I'm having a hard time to put it! Next time, I would just pick the 14mm.

Over-all: It was a good start. I'm enjoying wearing them! I just having a hard time to put them because of the size and my small eyes... how many times I have to tell it to myself? *sighs*

I really have to open my eyes like this!

Paige was the one taking some of the photos and she can't take the perfect shot because of my small eyes! Anyway, I have to thank her for a live tutorial of  Contact lens- how to's. Merci beaucoup!

Makes me want to sing Look At Me Now- Karmin Cover :D haha :D

During Aimee's debut!!! Yieee!!

My personal picks!

Visit Pandora's Boxes for more designs!

What about you? Do you have the contact lens-glasses dilemma too? Share it!



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