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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mini Charmed Giveaway

Hi Charmed Girls!

Just to give you a taste of the chillin' items from Summer Star Accessories, I'm hosting this mini giveaway!
Think of it, who doesn't love giveaways? I bet each and everyone of you are all thrilled by giveaways. So here's a very lovely handmade necklace from Summer Star Accessories to be won by one very lucky winner. 

This giveaway will end next week, May 3, 2012, Thursday (11:59 pm). Winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter. Open to Philippine residents only.

Comment below the following details:
E-mail Address:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mini Photoshoot :)

Last Sunday, my brother and I had the chance to take few photos pretending that it's some sort of a photo shoot for model wannabes like us. So here are a few of those shots we had. :)

So what do you think, huh? Are we qualified to be models? haha :))
Seriously, if you need models for apparels or whatever, you may contact me whether it is I or my brother you would want to model for you. Have a good night! :)


Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hi guys and gals from all over the world!

A pleasant night to all of you. This is not Momo. From now on, I'm already Momo's partner in managing this blog. Yes, you read that right. She's a little busy these past few days so she asked me to take over while she's busy. We're some sort of blog partners right now and tonight, I'm going to introduce to you myself. 

I'm am Aimee. You could also call me, 'Mee' for short. "Mo and Mee," isn't that cute? Anyway, as I was saying. I am Aimee. You could call me 'Mee' or 'Aims' for short. I've been existing for about 17 years now and I'm already in college. Momo and I were studying at the same university and we are also org-mates. 

I also have a separate blog of my own and I also sell a few accessories in my online store. I hope you could take some time checking out my items and also my posts in my blog. I'll post the links here later. :)

What are the things I usually do?
What keeps me busy is my studies. I'm taking summer classes this summer. Well, aside from that, I also blog (obviously). I also write poems whenever I'm inspired to write one, and even songs whenever a melody pops into my head. I can also play the piano. I'm not really good at playing the piano but I can read notes and well, play a few nice songs. The kind of songs I used to play are the old ones or the classics. I'm not a reader but I like reading inspiring books or books that promotes self-improvement. And, when I'm bored, I take pictures of myself and edit them like the picture below. :P

I like to dance. I really wanted to learn more about dance and it is my dream to be a part of some group or dance crew that will take me to a higher level. I really like the swag, the emotions, the energy, etc. It feels so good to dance. :)
I also like music. I'm not really a musician but I can play the piano like what I've said earlier and I also know a few when it comes to guitar. Honestly, I don't know how to sing. I really don't think I have the voice to sing. If I am to grade my voice, I'll place a 'needs improvement' grade in my card. But, I wanted to learn how to sing. It would be really nice if I'll have the chance to improve my voice by taking voice lessons. Unfortunately, I believe, my Mom won't let me because she has this idea that if you want to sing or learn to sing, all you need to do is just sing and sing and sing and it's like automatically you'll improve your voice (This is something I really doubt. :P)
I like to draw cute things. I draw random stuff like cute icons, rainbows, flowers, and everything nice. I have that thing for random cute things. I also draw stick figures. You can check a few of my drawings at the 'my pencil works' section of my blog.
I'm only a beginner when it comes to crafts. I started doing a few accessories just last week and I'm still in the process of learning more about this. I have a picture of my first hand-made necklace in my other blog. I'm selling it for only Php 100. If you're interested, please visit my blog or check my online store. ;)
Just like many girls, I like fashion too! I'm a bit random so I don't really settle for one type of fashion personality. I dress up whenever I like and what I wear depends on my mood. :)

Okay! Enough said. My post is already long. It's really boring to read everything. Sorry for the grammar and spelling errors. I'm not a good writer. Sorry! ;)

Link to my blog:


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aimee's Birthday Bash + Photoshoot!

Hi Charmed Girls! 

I'm back again! This was supposed to be an awesome vacation but then there are things getting in the way so I have to lie-low. Anyways, I'm really excited to blog again! And I want you to meet my friend and fellow blogger, Aimee! Yay! She has been my "model" for photoshoots since I liked her style! Aside from her looks, she dress very well and is good in executing those poses! Oh, haven't I told you I really love to take pictures?  So it was like a camwhore-meets-a-cam-addict haha LOL! 

 These pictures were taken last March 15, Aimee's 1_thBirthday!(haha!) It was just a fun thing to do when you have that SLR camera and the birthday girl ready to smile!

We were just shooting near our "tambayan" at Palma Hall while waiting for her order of 4 monster pizzas !( What a birthday treat! ) So it doesn't really have a concept. Merely just working with Aimee, the (available) view and the light. 

We're still at the same location LOL! We just moved a little over the left and under  a direct sunlight and ta-dah! Lucky I brought my sunnies that day :> .


Smirk! ;)

 "Let's take a look at your best shot" as Tyra Banks is saying during ANTM. This is my favorite shot! First, she's smiling. Then the trees, the leaves and the lighting! So picture-perfect!

Here are some of the pictures during Aimee's birthday bash with the CB friends!


Aimee and Me!

Want to have pictures like that? Be my next model!

We are open for blog collaborations! Just tell us your plans at . Looking forward to another photo shoots! :)

Disclaimer: Pictures taken using Dyandell's SLR camera.

Lots of Love Charms,