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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Firmoo x Charmed INTERNATIONAL Giveaway! Part 2! EXTENDED!!!

Have you been missing me?

You better keep your eyes open and clear! Here's a Part 2 of Firmoo x Charmed Giveaway!


this is BIGGER!

Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.
Furthermore, Firmoo has launched First Pair Free Program for new customers to test our products and service for free by paying shipping only.

You already know how it costs less to buy at Firmoo! Plus they have that First Pair Free Program for newbies! Try your first pairs for FREE, pay only the shipping!! Or check out their sites for discounted products and their classic pairs!

Not a new customer? Got your own free pair already?
Get your second one here!

Six (6) valid contestants will get a $20 E-vouchers each used on any frame at Classic Series 


IF this giveaway reaches 50 contestants or more,

 there'll be one grand prize winner who can get a totally free a pair of choice at Classic Series (, shipping included!

That's really a treat guys!

Wait! Before scrolling down on the mechanics, here are some of the pairs available at! Dare to wear these?

1. Visit, and choose which pair of eyewear you want to win in the Classic series Comment below the link of your chosen pair!
Only those who will comment are considered valid contestants.
Optional entries:

1.) Follow Charmed via GFC (+1)
2.) Like Charmed and Miss Bella Mode on Facebook (+1)
3.) Follow me on Twitter (@Charmed_MoMo) (+1)
4.)Follow me on Instagram (@moriela20)  (+1)
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6.) Tweet: "I want to win a free pair of sunglasses @Firmoo x @Charmed_MoMo giveaway! Join too! @friend1 @friend2" (+3)

Just comment your GFC Name, FB name, IG name, Twitter name and/or e-mail!

That's easy! Join now!


MoMo :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cover Snaps: June Issue

Hello Charmed!

      I've been strolling around the local bookstore for some inspiration, usually about fashion and magazine matters and I happen to see the latest covers of the some famous page flippers! I took pictures of some that grabbed my attention (read: critique). Covers are really important, first of all because magazines are usually sealed before you buy them!  Next is the appropriateness of the theme/article teasers to your  taste and need. Some are new, some are fresh, some stuck to the old fad. If they effective or not? Let's look at the covers!

I would give Vogue a thumbs-up for their July issue. In this "Ageless Style Issue",  making Helena Bonham Carter as their cover girl  was  a nice classic twist from the usual fashion forward themes.   Women from mid20s to 40s won't miss a chance to catch a glimpse of this, especially those who are torn between keeping or throwing their classic pieces and buying the trends (read: summer cleaning). It's like Bellatrix saying "Hey, you could still be fabulous even after 20 years in Azkaban!". Don't you love the hair? 

 Meanwhile here's the June issue of Vogue featuring Kate Moss. I liked how they made summer issue a high fashion one. But isn't too overwhelming? Kate Moss is regarded as a top model, they could have get a "not-so top" one for this issue (obviously, Tyra Banks won't work too).  Beach chic? Why not Cameron Diaz? Or Gwyneth Paltrow? The could also do a high-fashion shot, yet their cheerful vibe is what I want to see during the summer issue. Looking at the those Vogue issues, I could say that Helena knocked it off.

A back-to-school issue won't be over without featuring Emma Watson as a cover girl in at least one magazine. Trust me. It seems like the people can't get enough of her brainy Hermione/Sam character. In fairness to her, I liked how she sport a sexy preppy teen in here. A fresh, neat look and a strategic peek-a-boo cuts just show that you could stand out and in your own simple way! Really geek + chic!

In the local scene, Metro and ABS CBN did a good job on marketing both the magazine and their cover girl. Kathryn Bernardo sported a coming of age, minimalist look in here. With a classic  white midriff dress and a breath-taking cool layout made a different  take  from her  sweet demure image. But I also remembered Charice's cover on Preview (Jan.Feb issue) before, doing the same fierce pose in a minimalist up-do.
Hmmm…. What do you think?

This is not a glossy paper but this got my attention too!

 Cool sequel title. Haha XD

Anyway, they are just my opinions. This is what I gain after a year of writing for a magazine, I think. But I feel like doing this every month! It's fun. I hope I can hear from you too. What do you think about these covers?



My Debut!!

So if you're wondering where I've been all summer, aside from attending summer classes, I organized my debut last May 26! It was just a simple house party since only few guests were invited and I want everyone to enjoy (and my mom wants to know all my friends!).  I've been busy doing the invitation, my tarpaulin, my AVP, and checking on my guest list. It was really fun to do especially when you look at those things after it's done. They serve as my remembrance and my portfolio! Haha! So nuff of the talk, here's what happened!

My tarpaulin!!! I made this!! *so proud* haha XD My theme is retro that's why.

My dress and shoes! The black and pink dress used as top and the fuchsia pink ruffled skirt from Arnold Galang's collection at The Vatican, The Podium :)

2 Hours before the party, my cousin, Ate Merilyn, prepped my look. Here's me(with all the stuff in my room) having  a glimpse of the products she will be using.

And ta-dah! Here's what I've become! Haha! *With matching flying hair XD * My other cousin, Ivan, the one taking pictures, even teases me "gwiyomi*, I don't know why!

I remember my cousin used Etude House BB Cream, L'Oreal liquid foundation, In2It eyeliner and Maybelline bronzer, blusher, and lippie :)  Interesting how she matches everything with my theme and my skin type. Here's my look after 2 hours!

My mom and dad. =) They were still busy organizing stuff until the guests came but it seems that they don't look haggard at all!
My li'l bro!! He's so preppy with that shirt!

My relatives!

Ate Merilyn, my cousin and make-up artist for the night!

The Power Puff Girls! 'Cause we have powers, and we're so puffy girls!! Haha! XD
They're my best friends, Kris and Leika. =) I really loved Kris' outfit! So retro!!!


My ever so supportive neighbors/former service mates!! haha! Martin, May and Daisy!

Snap shots of the program :))

                                                     My giveaways! J.CO Donuts!! :)

Although they're kinda late…. I really do appreciate all the hardwork and patience they spent just to attend my debut! Even though they came from QC, and it was raining, and they lost their way… they still came! Thank you CBs! 

With Remo!! The legit birthday boy!!! Thank you for celebrating your birthday with me! :)

It was really a memorable night! Thank you everyone!


MoMo :)