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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hello dear SHERLOCK fans out there! 

Have you already seen it? Yes? No? WHY?
What am I talking about?!?


Grabbed from SHERLOCKOLOGY facebook page


Let me quote the post from SHERLOCKOLGY

"The BBC have just confirmed to us in the full the UK premiere airdates for Sherlock S3 on BBC One.

S3E1: The Empty Hearse will air January 1 2014. 

S3E2: The Sign of Three will air January 5 2014.

S3E3: His Last Bow will air January 12 2014."

*SHERLOCKOLOGY corrected in the comments that it should be "Vow" not "Bow".

 This post really made me excited and agitated! You already knew how much this show has made my days brighter and merrier and I just can't believe it will just be a month away for Season 3 to air! And because of that, I prepared something for SHERLOCK fans here in the Philippines!
(Aww, apologies to my foreign readers for now, but who knows! Just keep posted guys!)AND TO ALL SHERLOCK FANS WORLDWIDE!


So here it goes, last week my friends and I have been watching and talking about Avengers and Thor 2... okay, we just talked about Tom Hiddleston. Haha XD Then one of my friends started to watch Sherlock that night, and she posted how much she loves Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. Because we all love those two, they requested me to craft a customized SHERLOCK earring, then a Loki earring too (but I haven't done it yet *CRIES* ). Few days ago I presented them this design and they liked it! I've been creating a limited number of these for those who are really fans of SHERLOCK. Now that I've launched it to my online shop, Miss Bella Mode, you can now order this limited edition design for Php 45! Isn't that great?!?

And because we are so happy of the latest announcement of the SHERLOCK air dates, I decided to share the happiness to all SHERLOCK fans in the Philippines and WORLDWIDE!

One winner will be picked RANDOMLY from your entries below and the other one will be picked by answering this question:
If you were Dr. John Watson, and you saw SHERLOCK walking down the London Street (and YOU thought he was DEAD!?!), what would you tell him? :)

I know you have a lot of creative responses to that! You can do it like a dialogue, (like Sherlock will say something then your/John's response to that) or what, will you slap Sherlock and say "This is for London!" ala Jane Foster to Loki? Hahah XD Anyway, be CREATIVE! I, along with my friends will read your answers and will pick the best that will win the other pair of SHERLOCK earrings!

Now this is how it goes. There will be ONE (1) INTERNATIONAL WINNER and ONE (1) LOCAL WINNER. The first to be picked is the BEST ANSWER so regardless what country you are in, you have a chance to win! If we got an INTERNATIONAL ENTRY in the BEST ANSWER part, then I will pick the second LOCAL ENTRY, RANDOMLY.
And the other way around. So you better submit your wittiest response!!! REMEBER...
Brainy is the new sexy =)

Mandatory entries:

1.) Follow Charmed via GFC  (so I can send you an email in case you won!)
2.) Follow @missbellamode and @Charmed_MoMo on Twitter
3.)Like Miss Bella Mode on Facebook
4.) Like Charmed on Facebook
5.) Comment your CREATIVE response below!

Extra entries:

Tweet about the giveaway
Share the giveaway on Facebook
Follow @moriela20 and @missbellamode on Instagram

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Easy, right? Those mandatory entries are your way of sending me your love. :">
I hope you like my other designs as well, you can visit Miss Bella Mode to check out my handcrafted earrings. :)
This giveaway is open only to Philippine residents WORLDWIDE!
and it will end on Dec. 19, 2013, 12 midnight!

Good luck everyone!



  1. lol the footnote about philippine residents came a bit late. i already entered like five times. sorry about that.

    1. Aww. I would really love to open this Internationally but I shipping is too costly :( If I found a cheaper shipping cost I would really love everyone to join. :))


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  3. If I was John and I saw Sherlock walking down the street, first of all I'd stop in the middle of the sidewalk to try to understand if it was actually him or just my eyes deceiving me (again), but once I'd finally realized it WAS Sherlock I'd run up to him and PUNCH him in the face, then hug him really tight, and finally punch him again.

    How could that bastard make ME, his BEST FRIEND, think he was dead???!!!!

    But God would I be relieved and happy to have him back.

  4. John: "All that money wasted on psychiatric help!!!"

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  6. It's midday and the sun is gone. Charcoal clouds grumble above. I am going to murder Sherlock Holmes for real this time.
    Rain slides down my face and rain is soaking his hair, but I shake him and I don't stop and I'm yelling but I don't remember deciding to say all of this.
    "THREE YEARS," I shout at him. He is looking at me like I've stained his scarf. He always looks like this to me when I remember him. Indifferent, cool as a flipping cucumber, and ALIVE.
    But now he is alive, has been alive all this time, and I am as angry as I have ever been.
    "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?" I yell into his stoic face, but I know why he did. I've known since that day.
    I knew why he did it.
    The violent, red-colored rage I had fallen into suddenly slipped away. I stepped away from Sherlock and opened my fists. Closed them again.
    "Why didn't you come back?" I couldn't look at him. I cast my eyes down.
    I sensed more than saw him cross his arms.
    "I have."
    "Why now?"
    He sighs and it sounds like a laugh.
    "Because series three airs in like a month."
    I glare at him and shield my face as the sun pokes back out of the clouds.
    He raises an eyebrow.
    "Yes. It does."
    "You're joking."
    "I would never joke about this."
    My arms fall limply to my sides.
    "We finally have a date."
    He smirks.
    "Not that kind of date, you idiot."
    "Why not?"
    "We could make series three a little more... progressive."
    And then I punch him in the face.
    "Your reflexes are terrible," I bite at him.
    He laughs, doubled over in pain. "I have been dead for three years."
    "Yeah, you really scared a lot of fans."
    He straightens and dabs at a newly split lip.
    "The fans, eh?"
    He must see it coming this time, because he ducks and my fist swings through empty air.
    "You were less annoying dead."

    [that's a little long, but i always have to make everything into a fic. :)]

  7. If I was John, I'd probably feel shock at first, and then I'd punch him in the face and angry at him but in the end I'd just hug him anyway

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  9. If I was John, I'd probably think I'd gone insane, until after a few days of being pestered by him and confirming that other people could see him too I'd have to accept it as reality, and then I'd hug him! And then punch him.

    It's kind of funny, I'm a guy and I had my ears pierced a long time ago, but I'd totally wear these. They're awesome! I'm from London, England, and it's always interesting to see how global Sherlock fans are. Yet here it's not as popular as you would think it would be!

  10. I would tell him that I needed his help to solve the Mystery Of The Missing Sleuth :)