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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Screening by Nuffnang and GLOBE (+ Review!)

Being a fan is not that easy. Browsing on Google, checking out interviews on YouTube, and spending most of your time online for updates in Twitter.
Oh yes, I was struck by the Hiddleston fandom after I watched Thor: The Dark World. (Hiddlestoners? Anyone? Welcome me to the club!)
 Believe it or not, I just knew/appreciated him after his performance as Loki in this movie. I wasn't really a fan of Thor or any Marvel movie... but I think this moved me.

Well, thanks to Nuffnang and Globe for tickets to Thor: The Dark World 3D screening last Oct. 30 at Newport Cinemas, Resorts World Manila. It was such a great treat during my sem break to be with hundreds of Nuffnangers and watch an amazing film. And YOU are the culprit to my fandom right now!

Tumbler from Globe | 3D Glasses | Thor:TDW poster

At the same time, GLOBE introduced their FREE FACEBOOK promo to all GLOBE and TM users!

One thing that kept me from posting this early is that I had to watch Thor 1 to be able to write and review appropriately. At first I wasn't really thrilled to see this film-- just with the 3D glasses though XD but I was really wrong and late! I didn't have a hard time coping up with the characters of the film, I've seen the brothers Thor and Loki from the Avengers movie and it was really a different take from there. Thor is more matured here and his romantic relationship with Jane Foster sparked up in this film... well we haven't seen much from The Avengers, have we? I really love that "slap". So romantic. EHEHEHE. Meanwhile (okay I can't stop laughing because of EHEHEHE), Loki became less evil of a villain... more of a mischievous comedian god. It's really Loki's Comedy Movie! Kidding aside, Tom had to take a twist from his evil plans of conquering the earth to help his brother. And his role in here is waay too good from the first and The Avengers! He's so lovable villain.

Twisted. Very cunning and funny. Teary eyed in the end. Great effects and storyline.

Spoiler? There will be a THOR 3. There should be.

The photo on the left was taken maybe a month ago from the Runner Runner screening also by Nuffnang and GLOBE. I asked my father to take a shot of me with Loki (I didn't know Hiddles that time), but since that I really find him amusing. Sadly (*insert a really sad face here*) there was no Loki poster on RWM, so I just managed to be with the thunder god.

Oh well, that's all! I hope you will watch it on the big screen too. If you could see the BTS on YouTube (fandom thing) you can see how hard it is to ever create that awesome scenes. Not just talking about effects, about everything, including stunts and the portrayal. One of my friends had been just accepted to BA Film and I hope him to be very well. Being a director is no joke.

So that's it! Hope you could drop by and leave me comments!


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