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Friday, September 27, 2013


Hello there!

Here's a long due post! Our Hotel Weekend in my HRIM 100 class! We really got excited because it would be our first time to check-in a 5-star hotel and spend 2 days and a night learning about the hotel and enjoying ourselves! So as you know, we have been to EDSA Shangri-la and here are my experiences!

The front desk!

Unfortunately, their lobby is still under renovation so we haven't seen the grand staircases and sofas, if any. But the snapshots of the place are enough to say that the place is really luxurious!

I was the first one to arrive at the Shangri-La Hotel. It was really nice to have a good round for a while alone.

We held the orientation and hotel briefing at the Boracay Function room. We had lectures about the different divisions of the hotel and the history of Shangri-La itself, given by UP HRIM graduates who are now managers at the Shangri-La! Wow!

In the Boracay Function room with Irish

Irish also happened to be my room mate for the night! 


The place is so grand and picturesque that it's really convenient for us, going around posing and taking pictures of each other with no one looking! There were only few people there except our lot so we really took our time before the lecture started. Plus it was really cold inside the function room!

Our professors (two on the left) and the hotel department managers.

The challenge: Arrange the toiletries in the standard way in the Presidential suites!

We were consisted of two classes, Monday and Tuesday class but under the same prof. They asked 4 volunteers for this challenge. We (Irish and I) actually volunteered (we are from Monday class) but then our class already had 4 representatives. While they were doing the challenge, Irish and I were discussing what we could have done if we were there. After the challenge, Tuesday class won. Then the house keeping manager explained how to do it, and it was what Irish and I were thinking too! Awww.

Well after that we were transferred to another room for the next challenge! Hmm.. Can you guess?

Setting up the Chinese table (up) and the Western table (below)!

After that, we took our buffet lunch at the HEAT!!!

Business Tourism group!

This is when we all wished we haven't eaten much of the lasagna (our morning snack in the function room). The HEAT has really a wide variety of FOOD!!

This was really the highlight of our weekend! Teehee XD 
I'm more fond of desserts so I got really excited to try those different kinds of cakes, bread, chocolates, ice creams and fro-yos. And there were more than THREE varieties of each! WOW!

Meanwhile they also have international cuisines and varieties of drinks. Really name it, they have it. It's like you want that kind of food it suddenly appear in front of you! 

Like make-your-own halo-halo!

Hoarding desserts!

Our tummies full and happy, we went back to our function room to rest and to get ready for our hotel tour. Both "front of the house" and the "back of the house". 

We toured the different food outlets, the facilities, then the laundry area, the storage room, the chocolate room (Yes! They have a special room just to make chocolates! And flowers too, you know!). And it was really informative and dizzying! Haha! Our guide, Sir Rex who is also a UP HRIM graduate, took 2 months to familiarize the tunnels at the back of the house. Whew!

As a treat for the end of our tour and orientation, we were given Funky Monkey chocolates!

Now we'll be going to check-in to our rooms! Whee!!

We went to the front desk to check-in and get our key cards! The key cards serve as our keys to our floor and our room. It was fun to use them, especially because they are just the size of our IDs and you just have to tap it to the elevator and to your door to open! And because it's only restricted to your floor and room, we need to meet our classmates at the ground floor and bring them to our floors when they want to room hop!

Yey! Here we are!

One, two, three.... Tah-dah!We were upgraded to and the first ones to try the newly renovated rooms! 






Not half an hour passed, we started room hopping!!!!

Believe it or not, this was inside the elevator! Haha!

With our Korean classmate, Jenny!

The view from our suite

We're lucky to get the "end" room so we can enjoy this beautiful view from our suite.

We went swimming, then to the sauna then Jacuzzi then back to our room for movie marathon! I was surprised because we just invited few of our classmates for this (I only remembered inviting around 5 people) but then around 12 people showed up and camped up inside our room! Fun! Because initially some of them wanted to watch The Conjuring and I don't want to watch horror movie that time. Instead we watched Sherlock: A Study in Pink and The Big Bang Theory Season 6 episodes!

Because I woke up early, I slept around 12midnight when everybody's still inside our room and woke up around 2am.. and found out that they left....


Because we couldn't sleep, we watched another movie, Ghosts of the Girlfriend's Past.
But we fell asleep during the movie and woke up around 4am.

The next morning we went to the Fitness Center to try out the gym facilities

The gym buffs will surely love to be here. 

*Me trying out the treadmill*
*Uh-oh, how's this? :| *

Then I finally managed to work out for 15 minutes! Haha XD

After working out, we went again to the HEAT for our buffet breakfast ( yeah, lucky us :3). Imagine waking up to almost 20 different kinds of bread, varieties of fillings and spreads, your choose of bacon, beef, pork or egg side dish and different kinds of tea, coffee and juices! Ahh, so heavenly. <3 nbsp="" p="">

After that we came back to our rooms and fixed our things, get ready for check-out , and get our take-homes! Irish did even fix the bed sheets! Haha :) 

All in all that was really a very relaxing, informative and  fun weekend! And thanks to EDSA Shangri-La for the great service and wonderful place to stay!

'Til next time!


 Disclaimer: Some photos  grabbed from my classmate's, Gelai's and Irish's, album.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I GoBigger and GoBetter with Globe

For students like me, I'm always on the GO! I keep on trying out new things, looking out for the latest stuff and following updates from my fave shows (like Sherlock!)! To keep up with my wants needs, I GoBIGGER with GLOBE!

Only Globe Prepaid gives me Bigger and Better unli offers.

Go Bigger
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   I'm a Viber, WeChat and KakaoTalk user and I really find it handy to send messages or to call my mom and my friends using these apps whenever I need to. But sometimes, wi-fi is just so unreliable! Thanks to the latest offer of GLOBE, you can UNLI-chat with these apps! Cool! Plus! One of my fave inclusion is the UNLI ALL NETWORK TEXT, no worries on sending GMs! Now I can share the love with my non-Globe friends! Haha! 
I want to spend this promo with my mom since she already has a smartphone! I can message her now via Viber the whole day!

  Those who want to GoBetter? Here's what GLOBE offers:

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Just dial *143# and choose GoSAKTO and you're good to GO! 

Love lots,