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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fashion Charms: Awesome Giveaways!!

Take a look here girls! Another giveaway!!

And since I really love you guys, I'm giving away Gift Certificates from Asian Vogue Shop and Glamourville!

Two lucky winners will be chosen via!

Winner No.1 gets a 1000php GC from Asian Vogue Shop!

Winner No.2 will get a 500php GC from Glamourville!

For more info, click HERE

Book Quest: Summer Secrets by Barbara Freethy

Summer Secrets by Barbara Freethy

    I bought this book when I was in my senior year. If it was not for our book review assignment, I won't be able to read any novel except Hush, Hush. Thanks to my teacher, though.

   It is a family story about the McKenna Sisters and their father, Duncan McKenna . They won the annual Castleton Sailboat Race eight years ago. But behind that journey towards to fame, a secrets lies…

   Taylor Jamison will run over the lives of the McKenna family to unveil their secret. But above all, he came for the reason that will change his life forever…

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Here's the reviews from the

“Freethy skillfully keeps the reader on the hook, and her tantalizing and believable tale has it all– romance, adventure, and mystery.” Booklist
“Freethy’s zesty storytelling will keep readers hooked, and the sisters’ loving but prickly interactions will make anyone with a sibling smile.” Publisher’s Weekly

“SUMMER SECRETS is a knock-your-socks-off tale of deception, family, and love. Master storyteller Barbara Freethy draws readers into the characters’ lives on the first page and keeps them engrossed and enthralled to the end. This riveting tale of love and forgiveness, of letting go and beginning anew will resonate in readers’ hearts long after the last page is turned.” Romance Reviews Today

Friday, December 30, 2011

Love Charms: Is it real or just another crush?

"Love is in the air!"Oh it real? Or just another infatuation?  How to know if you're really in love? Check this out! :D

      I am a self-confessed romantic girl. Always believes in destiny.  Since I don't want to have a boyfriend yet, I just settled myself in having friends or crushing someone. But as the feeling begins, it's really hard to know if you're in love or infatuated, since they have almost the same effect on a person.  When you're in love the feeling takes time to develop, while a crush doesn't. Well let's say you have met this person for the first time. You might say you got "love struck" the first time you met, but as you see and know this person, the feelings get deeper that when you try to detach, it would be hard for you that crying is the least thing you can do. While infatuation gets the feeling instantly, and doesn't affect you much if it loses.

      Being in love takes a greater part of you that being infatuated. But that doesn't mean that you spend a lot of time stalking while your class is on(*laughs* did it sometimes haha!) or trying very hard to know his cell phone number or address! When you're in love you  tend to spend sometime improving a part of you that he likes. And just one hint of something will remind you of him. And you develop this kind of 'strange' feeling in your heart every time you have a glimpse of him, this feeling lingers.

    You take care of the one you love, while just concerned with your crush. Cooking his fave dish, or making sure he brings his umbrella for him not to get wet on a rainy season. On the other hand, you are just checking him out after he got sick for forgetting his umbrella.

    Most of all, being in love must make you feel better and happier. It must not lead you to low grades or irresponsibility, instead it will make you a whole lot more beautiful.
Crush by David Archuleta
     Let love inspire you to do the right thing.

Lots of Love Charms,
Snowflake Girl

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love Charms: Single? Not a Problem!

     I am a proud Single Gal for....years :D . I can say that I am really proud of my relationship status; no boyfriend,no commitments, no hassle. Time and money saver.In fact, there's a deal between us girls that whoever will have a boyfriend should treat us!! haha! :D

      I also experienced being peer pressured. Even those I didn't expect to enter a relationship,had a boyfriend, did some PDAs and broke-up and find someone else *sighs*. During that time I feel so ugly because no one seems to notice me. I tried to dress up that time just for them to see I am beautiful, but then I only realized I was fake. I am just looking for someone to see the beauty in me, not a boyfriend. Soon I've realized that I have friends that love me and make me feel beautiful inside-out. And considering my age, I am not yet ready to have a commitment. Well, studies first right? It is now being paid off. I am now studying in one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Aside from that, I am still happy with my life.

      On the other hand, if you are on the right age and still think you don't attract boys, well don't freak out girl! Sooner or later you'll find the one for you. So while you are waiting for your Price Charming to arrive, remember to CREATE A PERFECT YOU. Make yourself a fully grown woman, perfectly, for you. Set goals for yourself like finishing studies and/or having a stable job. That would be an investment that you'll gonna call ASSETS.  Beautifully carve your body to the shape you want or learn how to play an instrument. But most especially make the very BEST of YOU, not of someone else's. Remember, the personality is what guys see and what they really look for if they want a real commitment.

Being Single? No problem,actually! :D

Lots of Love Charms,
Snowflake Girl

Fashion Charms: Awesome Giveaways!!

Here's another giveaway for you!!

Style and Soul's 2012 Welcome Giveaway!

Because I've been so late in starting my set of Holiday giveaways, I chose to call it the 2012 Welcome Giveaway! Instead of giving away items one by one, or brand by brand, I've prepared two big packages for two lucky Style and Soul readers.

2011 has been a great year for me and I really can't thank God enough. Having this contest is the least that I can do to share the blessings that have come my way the past year. I really hope for another awesome next year and I sincerely wish everyone to have the same. 

Isn't it great to start 2012 with a new batch of lovely gifts? There's no better way start fresh than to join and hopefully you'll win these amazing prizes from my lovely sponsors!

First Prize
1. Printed camera satchel from Izzo Shop
2. Reversible printed-denim shoulder bag from Fab Manila
3. Apparels (4): Gray polo shirt from Regatta, Hang Ten's light brown blouse with peter pan collar, basic black top and orange pleated skirt from Closet Chic
4. Fragrances from Jimmy ChooNina Ricci Elixir and Paco Rabanne (for men) from Prestige Brands Philippines
5.Beauty package: Skin Food bath gel, Nivea facial foam, Lay Bare soothing cream, L'oreal hair care sachets, Human Nature's hand and foot salve
6. Trinkets: Hang Ten handkerchief,  Izzo Shop's  brown camera strap, Solo tag necklace, Diva feather earrings,  Ashley's cup cake lip balm / keychain
7. Globe Tattoo stick

Second Prize
1. Purses: Gadgets organizer from Fab Manila, coin purse from  Izzo Shop , Proactive kit
2. Fragrance samples from Gap Core, Moschino Forever, Paris Hilton, Carolina Herrera VIP menBond No. 9 bons (all from Prestige Brands), Poseidon scent with HaKen body butter from Posh Nails
3. Accessories: Tomato watch, Accessorize sun glasses and scarf
4. Apparels (7): Sheer top from Shop Dainty, 2 tops from Closet Chic, 2 ETC shirts, Belle York sleeveless top with peter pan collar and  Hang Ten tee
5. Other items: ETC Glee notebook and tag, Multiply notebook and pens

For additional Mechanics and photos, click HERE

Book Quest: Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick

 Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

A friend introduced this book to me about a year ago and I really regretted why I didn't open it right away!!
    From wizards to vampires and werewolves ( I really liked HP series), here's a new twist of young adult fictional novel.
     Hush, Hush is a book about a teen-age girl named Nora who fell in love with Patch, a fallen angel.  She knows there is something mysterious about Patch, she is trying to know. But her involvement to him just caused her too many danger, even the danger of falling in love with him.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

  I was really amazed by the twist in the story. In fact, I look so stunned when I'd finished the book.

Check out the fan page!! Fallen

Fashion Charms: Awesome Giveaways!!

Check this out!! :D
(I Looove the Snowflake Earrings!!)

(just click on the photo below for more details :D)

Laura from Winter Blossoms is conducting her 

The items to be given away are:

  • Daiso eyeliner coat
  • Daiso solid fragrance in Cute Fairy (Strawberry scent)
  • Daiso hair fragrance in Pure Soap
  • Kylrie placenta sheet mask (made in Japan)
  • Snowflake earrings
  • Fluffy white hair tie
  • Kylrie placenta sheet mask (made in Japan)
  • Snowflake earrings
  • Fluffy white hair tie

Fashion Charms: Awesome Giveaways!!

What a Fab Giveaway!! :D

Christmas Giveaway [My First!]

DECEMBER 13, 2011
I think this is long overdue. I’ve been wanting to thank my readers in some material way. So here you go! A bongga Christmas giveaway! <3
What you’ll get: A handbag, a wallet and a necklace all from PARFOIS | Glamour Lip Gloss and an Angel Star Lip Balm from NIVEA | a set of Stayput Ponytails, a 60 piece So Secure Bobby Pins, A StayPut Headband, and a Blow It Out Brush from GOODY. – yep, all those in the picture above.
That was a lot to type. Whew.
So. here’s what you have to do:
1) LIKE Alyssa LapidNIVEA GOODY and PARFOIS on Facebook
2) Follow @alyssalapid on Twitter
AND tweet:
” Win A TON OF STUFF at @alyssalapid #nivea #parfois #GoodyPH “
*i wont see the tweet if you’re twitter account is private
3) Leave a comment below with your name and facebook url
4) Re-blogging this contest will count as another entry. Just make sure to leave the link to the post in the comment box.
*winner will be chosen via
*contest ends on Jan 3 at 12 midnight! Which means you get three weeks to join. haha
-contestants must be a resident of the Philippines
It isn’t that hard, right? You’ll be winning A LOT anyway. <3
Show me some love and join! ;)
Thank you so much to GoodyNivea and Parfois for making this giveaway possible. I love thee!:)

Fashion Charms: Fab things in my room!

 Check out these fab things I have in my room! Here are some product reviews and fashion advice!

Summer Fling: Caronia

My new nail polish! Yay!! The shade is Summer Fling from Caronia Nail Polish.Perfect for party-goers. So fab!

      This wrist furry bag is also cute!! I bought this one last week for only Php100.00!! It comes with a little coin purse that is also furry black. Posh..

  These dangling earrings look so elegant. But hey! They  are only  cheap! It  is only Php 40.00 from Broadway Gems.  I guess  these will  look  fab in black  dress.

Blush and Bloom: Shy by Zen Zest
Blush  and  Bloom  this  holiday!! I  had  this gift  last year from my dad's colleague. It's  actually  two, Shy  and  Sexy. But now  I'm  still  using  Shy…and  it  smells  so nice!! I  had  just  consumed  half of it.. :)

  Blush and Bloom; Shy  by  Zen Zest

How to live a Charmed life

They say that I possess a charm that can make people happy just by smiling and sharing my stories. But I think every people has their own charms;personalities and talents that they can express and make people happy. So I made this blog to share what I know about love, fashion, and technology so you can also develop your own Charmed Life!!