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Friday, December 30, 2011

Love Charms: Is it real or just another crush?

"Love is in the air!"Oh it real? Or just another infatuation?  How to know if you're really in love? Check this out! :D

      I am a self-confessed romantic girl. Always believes in destiny.  Since I don't want to have a boyfriend yet, I just settled myself in having friends or crushing someone. But as the feeling begins, it's really hard to know if you're in love or infatuated, since they have almost the same effect on a person.  When you're in love the feeling takes time to develop, while a crush doesn't. Well let's say you have met this person for the first time. You might say you got "love struck" the first time you met, but as you see and know this person, the feelings get deeper that when you try to detach, it would be hard for you that crying is the least thing you can do. While infatuation gets the feeling instantly, and doesn't affect you much if it loses.

      Being in love takes a greater part of you that being infatuated. But that doesn't mean that you spend a lot of time stalking while your class is on(*laughs* did it sometimes haha!) or trying very hard to know his cell phone number or address! When you're in love you  tend to spend sometime improving a part of you that he likes. And just one hint of something will remind you of him. And you develop this kind of 'strange' feeling in your heart every time you have a glimpse of him, this feeling lingers.

    You take care of the one you love, while just concerned with your crush. Cooking his fave dish, or making sure he brings his umbrella for him not to get wet on a rainy season. On the other hand, you are just checking him out after he got sick for forgetting his umbrella.

    Most of all, being in love must make you feel better and happier. It must not lead you to low grades or irresponsibility, instead it will make you a whole lot more beautiful.
Crush by David Archuleta
     Let love inspire you to do the right thing.

Lots of Love Charms,
Snowflake Girl

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