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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Events: Philippine Fashion Week: Eyeball with CharNina

Hello Charmed girls!

Just a continuation from my Super Sale Bazaar post, my PFW experience! Yay! Just after I met Tin Iglesias and take few pictures with her , I went to the venue of Avel Bacudio's show and also to meet for the first time Ate Char and Ate Nina of CharNina! :)

The sched for that day

At first, I was lining up the media I was able to take these pics (so paparazzi mode XD)

Then I figured out I was on the wrong lane!
I must be on the other side!

While I was trolling along the looooong line to find them at the Function Room 2.... I read our earlier text conversation

**Text Conversation**
MoMo: Just text me when ur here na. :) I'll be in gray dress. :)
Ate Char: Sure! We'll be in leopard :>


Then I found Ate Char and Ate Nina!

Me with Ate Char

Me with Ate Nina

Sorry, I (or we?)'m just a cam-whore! :))

                        And of course I won't miss the chance to take their pic!
   (You know how much I like to take pictures of good (and beautiful) things right? :)) )
We keep taking pictures and chatted while waiting for the doors to open. It's really best to go here with your friends, (paging: Ate Paige of Sweet Little Bits :) miss you there <3 ) Ate Char and Ate Nina were really close and they had fun together(envy mode XD)…next time I'll go there with my besties too!

So what's your PFW experience? Share it! Leave a comment below. :)

Love lots,


Events: Super Sale Bazaar! with UP Cloth.Tech. Studs and Tin Iglesias!

Hello Charmed girls!

     Last week has been the Philippine Fashion Week and along with that was the Super Sale Bazaar! Before I had gone to watch the show(which was scheduled at 9:30pm), I visited the booth of Tin Iglesias with the UP Clothing Technology Seniors for a magazine interview (yes! That's my new freelance writing job! Watch out for it!). One of them is my friend and CB orgmate Ate Ktine( I came there to support her too!), whom I just realized is friends with Tin! I just wanna thank her for letting me meet Tin Iglesias! Thank you Ate Ktine! The earnings from this bazaar will be used to subsidize their expenses for their Graduation Fashion Show! Here's my experience. :)

Here's their booth! The tiger down there is so fierce!

Their clothes

She's Ate Ktine posing with the shirt they made as a group.

                                                   Accessories OVERLOAD!!!!

 After having a little chat and looking at their products, I found this cute, petal-like, handmade necklace!

It's soooo beautiful!!!!

Le Dinner
                          Just kidding :P It's my dessert! Fried Ice Cream as suggested by Ate Ktine :)

Other shops I've seen:

Vern and Verniece Enciso's booth

Joanna Ladrido's booth


                              And of course I won't miss the chance to take a pic with Tin Iglesias! :)

       ****Sorry for the picture. I have to reserve the good pics for the magazine :).****

Share your story too!!

 Love lots,


Saturday, May 26, 2012

End of Summer Giveaway

Hi there Charmed Girls! 
It's been a while since we had our last giveaway, so here's another one.
Before summer ends and school starts, why not give yourself a little break with these stuffs?
I know you want them!

So here are the goodies at stake:

Body Butter from Human Nature

Turn around concentrate and repairwear contour from Clinique

Gift Check with a total worth of Php 100
(Accepted at any SM department store)

Trinklet and earrings from Summer Star Accessories

SO here's the deal, check the rafflecopter app. :)

Giveaway ends until June 5, 2012

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

Hello Charmed Girls!

How does SkinWhite give you that beautiful blush white skin that your prince charming can’t resist?

My secret is that, before I go out in the morning, I always put sunblock on to prevent harmful rays of the sun. At night, I always put lotion on to soften my skin.

SkinWhite has a SYNCROWHITE function that will help you achieve a beautiful white skin! It works in four ways!

WHITENS the skin’s surface
REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
NOURISHES skin with Vitamins
PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays

Click on the link below to know more about Synchrowhite Action from Kim Chiu:
Watch the BEST KILIG BFF Story on how SkinWhite works!
Know more about the SkinWhite products through clicking this link:

So how was that! All in one protection with just one bottle!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's not to LOVE? Asian Vogue Shop

Rumor has it!

I'm dying for shoes!


These are my picks in their lists!

Fashion + Comfort, that's the definition of the perfect shoes for me.
Look what I've found! The shoes that I've been dreaming for has already been made!

Add a few inches to your height, stand fashionably proud and no need to sacrifice comfort!
I personally recommend this kind of shoes for your daily life (going to office, school, etc.).
I really wanted to have this too! :D

Blue boot-like platforms
I like this because if you are to consider the climatic conditions here in the Philippines, heavy rain and floods are problems. You wouldn't want your feet soaking wet, right? So why not try these lovely shoes! Fun and Funky! :>

Cowboy Style
I so love the color. I like items that are vintage-looking, so this is one of my picks. I bet this will instantly add a blend of vintage to an outfit. Aside from that, I really think it's elegant. Pretty cool for college students walking fashionably proud around the campus. :)

Fashion Tip 101: White shoes goes well with any outfit.
Need I say more? :)


After working or studying hard during the day, we sure end up partying at night! 
Heels, heels, heels!

Here are three of the lovely heels I really love from Asian Vogue Shop's collections!

I don't know what name to give this pair of shoes but I'm pretty sure that if you want to add some spice of sexiness to your party dress, this is something you should have! Unleash that Amazona in you! Party wild yet in STYLE!

Okay. So here's another favorite. See? I'm really a fan of vintage-style shoes. :>
I recommend that you wear this with a bell-bottom cut jeans to create an illusion that will make your legs look longer and of course, you'll look taller. It could also work on shorts, skirt or dresses. You just have to find the perfect match in order to complete that vintage chic look. (Wearing lace socks will be nice too. :>)

This is a MUST!
Black pumps works well with any outfit. It is simple yet elegant. This is something you should really have. If you want to be fashionable without the hassle of choosing among those lovely heels, you should pick this.

So, what do you think huh?
I know you love shoes too!

Check out Asian Vogue Shop for a wider variety of shoes!

Doing this just for the love of SHOES!

Lotsa LOVE: Mee-Mee

In the Green Green Grass


This is what I wore last Thursday. I had a video shoot for our report so I need to dress up a little. Voila!

HAT from SM Accessories

What do you think about my outfit?
Yay or Nay?

Show me some love gals!
Leave some comments. ;)

Spread the LOVE! :)

Photo taken by: Jen Peralta
Location: UP Diliman

The SPA Experience

This is a very late post. I went to "The Spa" at TriNoma last last week pa. 

So here's my story about my "The Spa" experience. 

Actually, the reason why I was able to try this is because of the gift card that I had won from the previous giveaway I joined. I didn't really intend to have a body massage that time. I only wanted to try their nail care but since that service is not available at the TriNoma branch, they persuaded me to try one of their massage service. There are four types of massages that I can remember, Swedish, Shiatsu, a combination of the two and deep tissue. I chose Swedish massage , executive style for an hour. To describe it, I'll say that this is the kind of massage that we all know. This is the kind of massage that soothes your whole body from head to toe. Since it's my first time to go and try spa, I was really amazed. The place is really nice. The room for girls is complete with clean shower rooms, sauna, a sofa set where you can relax for a while and drink some tea that they'll offer you. The ambiance the place offers is really relaxing. It is the perfect place to relieve all your stresses away. The place is so peaceful and quiet and they are only playing music that is soothing. I really loved everything about that place. Even the   people there are very nice and hospitable. It would be really nice to go back there again. Next time, I'll try their foot spa service. Before I forgot, I just want to say that going to "The Spa" once in a while is a good habit. It doesn't only relaxes your body but it somehow makes you feel prettier too (That's what I felt after everything. ;).

The shower rooms at my back. :)

The locker where you can place your things at my background.

If you want to know more about "The SPA," check out their site. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Got a Fashionable Invite: PFW s/s 2012

Hello Charmed Girls!
It's the most awaited fashion show! Philippine Fashion Week Summer/Spring 2012 at SM Mall of Asia from May 22-27, 2012.  I just want to thank Nana ( check her blog ) for this invite. Thanks Nana! I've been invited to Avel Bacudio's show, scheduled at May 25, 9:30 pm with my other fellow bloggers, Paige from Sweet Little Bits, Ate Char and Ate Nina from Char&Nina! See ya there!

Haven't got your invites yet? Don't fret. Some shops have ongoing PFW ticket giveaways like Moonleaf Tea Shop and Belle de Jour, and famous fashion blogger, Ms. Laureen Uy on her blog Break My Style. So what are you waiting for? Grab the chance! See ya!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Simply Orange

New outfit post!

The dress I am wearing is actually my mom's dress when she was about my age.

It's one of those classic dresses one could wear without hassle.

No need for accessories. I just kept it plain and simple plus the heels with flower decorations.

This outfit is perfect for a stroll in the park or a picnic. With leaves as design, it is definitely the perfect autumn dress.

Blend well with the season.

Feel the breeze and be stylish. ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Selecta Cornetto Tugs Tugs Grand Eye Ball V: The White Party

Hello Charmed girls!

   Selecta Cornetto along with ETC and Jack TV hosted this grandest teen party event at the Megatrade Hall 1 of SM Megamall last night! I'm so pleased to be invited to Tugs Tugs GEB V:The White Party, thank you Selecta! I had a very fun experience during the said event! Don't believe me? Let me show you!

         ****** Warning: this is a picture(and fun)-filled post******

I came here with my mom. I've asked some of my blogger friends to come but they can't. Aww... But I really enjoyed bonding with my mom, since it's Mother's Day!


My mom

And here the right side (take note: it's only the RIGHT SIDE) of  UNLICORNETTO! Yes, you heard right! Unlimited Cornetto ice cream for everyone! Hmm.. which flavor to pick first?

 It's Choco Java!

After some games by the admins, it was a dance performance by the UP Streetdance Club and the Cornetto-boy himself, Sef Cadayona!

Sef and Clea Caliente were the hosts for the night. There were activities and games for all Cornettoholics! Prizes? GC's and Ipod Shuffle!


Performance by Somedaydream (up) and Picoy Cruz(down).

Cornetto Flavors
              Just to show you, it's really unlimited! We've got to try some of the flavors!

Freedom Wall


DJ Nina rocked the event!

See? Everybody's having a good time!

 So perfect for teens! Bring your barkada with you next time! I've heard there will be GEB VI.... so stay tuned! For more details, visit their Facebook page Selecta Cornetto .