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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The SPA Experience

This is a very late post. I went to "The Spa" at TriNoma last last week pa. 

So here's my story about my "The Spa" experience. 

Actually, the reason why I was able to try this is because of the gift card that I had won from the previous giveaway I joined. I didn't really intend to have a body massage that time. I only wanted to try their nail care but since that service is not available at the TriNoma branch, they persuaded me to try one of their massage service. There are four types of massages that I can remember, Swedish, Shiatsu, a combination of the two and deep tissue. I chose Swedish massage , executive style for an hour. To describe it, I'll say that this is the kind of massage that we all know. This is the kind of massage that soothes your whole body from head to toe. Since it's my first time to go and try spa, I was really amazed. The place is really nice. The room for girls is complete with clean shower rooms, sauna, a sofa set where you can relax for a while and drink some tea that they'll offer you. The ambiance the place offers is really relaxing. It is the perfect place to relieve all your stresses away. The place is so peaceful and quiet and they are only playing music that is soothing. I really loved everything about that place. Even the   people there are very nice and hospitable. It would be really nice to go back there again. Next time, I'll try their foot spa service. Before I forgot, I just want to say that going to "The Spa" once in a while is a good habit. It doesn't only relaxes your body but it somehow makes you feel prettier too (That's what I felt after everything. ;).

The shower rooms at my back. :)

The locker where you can place your things at my background.

If you want to know more about "The SPA," check out their site. :)

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