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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's not to LOVE? Asian Vogue Shop

Rumor has it!

I'm dying for shoes!


These are my picks in their lists!

Fashion + Comfort, that's the definition of the perfect shoes for me.
Look what I've found! The shoes that I've been dreaming for has already been made!

Add a few inches to your height, stand fashionably proud and no need to sacrifice comfort!
I personally recommend this kind of shoes for your daily life (going to office, school, etc.).
I really wanted to have this too! :D

Blue boot-like platforms
I like this because if you are to consider the climatic conditions here in the Philippines, heavy rain and floods are problems. You wouldn't want your feet soaking wet, right? So why not try these lovely shoes! Fun and Funky! :>

Cowboy Style
I so love the color. I like items that are vintage-looking, so this is one of my picks. I bet this will instantly add a blend of vintage to an outfit. Aside from that, I really think it's elegant. Pretty cool for college students walking fashionably proud around the campus. :)

Fashion Tip 101: White shoes goes well with any outfit.
Need I say more? :)


After working or studying hard during the day, we sure end up partying at night! 
Heels, heels, heels!

Here are three of the lovely heels I really love from Asian Vogue Shop's collections!

I don't know what name to give this pair of shoes but I'm pretty sure that if you want to add some spice of sexiness to your party dress, this is something you should have! Unleash that Amazona in you! Party wild yet in STYLE!

Okay. So here's another favorite. See? I'm really a fan of vintage-style shoes. :>
I recommend that you wear this with a bell-bottom cut jeans to create an illusion that will make your legs look longer and of course, you'll look taller. It could also work on shorts, skirt or dresses. You just have to find the perfect match in order to complete that vintage chic look. (Wearing lace socks will be nice too. :>)

This is a MUST!
Black pumps works well with any outfit. It is simple yet elegant. This is something you should really have. If you want to be fashionable without the hassle of choosing among those lovely heels, you should pick this.

So, what do you think huh?
I know you love shoes too!

Check out Asian Vogue Shop for a wider variety of shoes!

Doing this just for the love of SHOES!

Lotsa LOVE: Mee-Mee

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