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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Events: Super Sale Bazaar! with UP Cloth.Tech. Studs and Tin Iglesias!

Hello Charmed girls!

     Last week has been the Philippine Fashion Week and along with that was the Super Sale Bazaar! Before I had gone to watch the show(which was scheduled at 9:30pm), I visited the booth of Tin Iglesias with the UP Clothing Technology Seniors for a magazine interview (yes! That's my new freelance writing job! Watch out for it!). One of them is my friend and CB orgmate Ate Ktine( I came there to support her too!), whom I just realized is friends with Tin! I just wanna thank her for letting me meet Tin Iglesias! Thank you Ate Ktine! The earnings from this bazaar will be used to subsidize their expenses for their Graduation Fashion Show! Here's my experience. :)

Here's their booth! The tiger down there is so fierce!

Their clothes

She's Ate Ktine posing with the shirt they made as a group.

                                                   Accessories OVERLOAD!!!!

 After having a little chat and looking at their products, I found this cute, petal-like, handmade necklace!

It's soooo beautiful!!!!

Le Dinner
                          Just kidding :P It's my dessert! Fried Ice Cream as suggested by Ate Ktine :)

Other shops I've seen:

Vern and Verniece Enciso's booth

Joanna Ladrido's booth


                              And of course I won't miss the chance to take a pic with Tin Iglesias! :)

       ****Sorry for the picture. I have to reserve the good pics for the magazine :).****

Share your story too!!

 Love lots,


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  1. I totally forgot to pass by the Bazaar. Lol