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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Fashion 21 cosmetics;Pressed powder, blush and eyeliner

Hi Charmed girls!!

How's the holiday break going? Most of us are doing the eat-sleep routine for those staying at home, while some are on a trip! Anywhere you are, just enjoy the holidays, right?

As much as I want to update, I have a magazine work to do first :D  I am currently experiencing writer's block! So I think I have to free my thoughts by blogging. Anyways, here's a review I can share to you :D

I'm not really fond of make-up products. For the record, I only buy make-up when there's an event I got to attend or when I'm eyeing on something and it suddenly on sale. Just like this Fashion 21 cosmetic pack that includes a pressed powder, a blush and an eyeliner for only P125! I've used up my Avon blush and need another shade of pressed powder. The eyeliner became a bonus for me!

Pressed powder ingredients

Blush ingredients

Let's start with the pressed powder. It has a yellow shade.

I was thinking twice to buy the pack because of the shade of the pressed powder. Because the beauty assistant just tried the product on my arm. And I heard ( rumor has it), that this shade will kinda look fake on your skin. But I realized that it doesn't look fake on some skin tones. In fact it makes a "sun-kissed" effect on your face. :)

Evens out your skin, decreasing the appearance of dark spots (see my face test below)
No irritating smell
Yellowish shade for my skin tone

No mirror
No brush/sponge or any applicator
Over application= "happy foundation day". It would look fake and cakey.

Fashion 21 Black Eyeliner that goes with a.. uhmm a brush on the cap. That I don't know what it is for!

Honestly, when I first tried it, I didn't like how stiff it is and painful to apply. But then I realized after like 4 attempts to try it, (just not to waste my money) it worked, but since I'm not expecting too much from it, I'm just okay with the result. Now, I'm using it every time I go out on ordinary days.

If you just want this for everyday use and you don't want to spend too much for an eyeliner

Hard to apply
Stiff end

Next is the Teen's Fashion 21 blusher, that I'm loving among the three! It serves both blush and highlighting the cheeks that gives a natural, faint glow.

When you remove the lid

Gives you that natural glittering glow
Blush + highlighting
pink shade

No applicator
Messy! Glitters all over your face?
Over application might make you look like you just spent long hours under the sun

Here's my face with only my moisturizer on. I have oily skin (thus the blemishes). And staying up late at night and stress adds to it (not to mention my school work). *sighs*

With Fashion 21 pressed powder

It somewhat concealed my blemishes. See they're less evident here. And notice the yellow shade.

With Teen's Fashion 21 blusher

From pale to glowing and glittering! Those glitters can be messy though. It would scatter all around your face but it's nice to give you that natural glow.

With Fashion 21 black eyeliner

With my eyes closed. *notice some of the glitters?*

And here's the over-all result

I forgot to finish off with a lippie though. But I can say the result is satisfying enough for an everyday natural look :D

Have you tried any of these? Share your experiences too!



Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello Charmed Girls!!!

     Sorry for being MIA for..uhmm.. almost a month? Though our holiday break started early last Dec. 14, I've got to attend two events last 13th and 14th... ended up with colds T.T. And now I'm finishing (take note: finishing) a magazine article for DDG mag, and there's a bunch to follow after that. So vacation it is? Haha! Don't worry I'm currently enjoying this so far :D In fact this Saturday, I'm planning to attend DDG's 3rd Anniversary Party/ Xmas Party/ 3rd issue Launch Party! And good to know that DDG mag will be hitting the shelves soon!!! Whaaa!! So excited! Please make sure to buy your copies girls!!!

Let me share to you what I did last 13th and 14th!

    Of course I won't miss my neighbor/bestfriend's debut last Dec. 13! Do you know that I got a hard time choosing what I'm gonna wear? Ok look, their house is just two streets away from us. And all others are wearing gowns!!! I don't want to "over" or "under" dress per se. Anyway, here are our moments.

With the birthday girl, Daisy :)

Here's what I my mom told me to wear. It's actually a costume for a chorale competition in UP :D

With May :D

It's not very grand. Just a house party. But everybody seem to wear a party dress. 

The next night, I went to CEO Flats for my dad's company party,Rock of Ages Xmas Party! So what do you expect? We got to wear rock n roll inspired costume!

Yes! It's the same LBD I wore over time haha! But I added studs and chains on the shoulder part to rock it over!!!

Special thanks to Michelle of Mich Eats and Shops! I surprisingly won her Betty Leggings giveaway and that's what I wore! The package just came in time! :D 

That's all for now girls. :) While I'm finishing this, I was able to finish and submit my rush article !(*pats my back*) Talk about multitasking! (While letting my ginataan cool... you know the one with saging, sago, bilo-bilo, camote? haha :D ). I maybe absent for a short time but I the next time I post here I will giveaway something for you girls! So stay tuned!!

See ya!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Mint-to-be Fashion Illustration Workshop by Rio Mints and Tin Iglesias

Hello Charmed!

It's been a busy week for a lot of us here. Good thing we had a very loooong weekend (Last Friday was a holiday and no Monday classes!).
Last Saturday I was able to attend Mint-to-be workshop by Rio Mints,this time a fashion illustration workshop by Tin Iglesias!

The venue was in Thaipan resto at Tomas Morato Ave. If you only knew how we felt when we found it!  (Okay, we're kinda lost T.T)

Because I arrived late, (blame me for getting lost T.T), I wasn't able to take a lot of pics, and missed Tin's presentation... but anyway I always frequent her blog so I'm familiar to some of her illustrations.

When I arrived, Tin greeted me and hand me this module and some materials.

First thing to do, sketch a body figure on a graphing paper.

When I was 12, I was trying to do some fashion designing; getting a blank sheet of paper, drawing gowns and dresses, sometimes I get inspiration from newspaper fashion editorials which I cut-out and paste and compile along with my designs. But I think it's the TV that inspired me most like Tommy Hilfiger's show, Project Runway, ANTM and other reality fashion programs. Then I "stopped" since I'm the kind of girl that wants to try everything new. I didn't improve much of my drawing skills. Good thing this workshop brought back my drawing instincts again. And this Figure Road Map module is so helpful!

That was us busy sketching, drawing, and asking Tin on how to do this and that! haha XD

While of course, chewing Rio mints! Includes their newest flavor, Sweet Mango! :)

She's my seat mate. Oh no, I forgot her name T.T. Anyway, thanks for some chats!

Some of their works

It's my first time to try Thai food. I really liked their dessert!

Tin working on her concept of Rio Mint Sweet Mango flavor.

Tin became popular not only because of her style blog, but most of all her talent in illustration and drawing. Mostly about fashion. No wonder why she excels being a UP Clothing Technology student and a stylist!

Can't believe she just did it in so little time!

I have to go early because the next day's my dad's birthday and we have to go to Quiapo to buy seafoods (and to haul accessories haha XD).

Just one pic with Tin before I leave!

Thank you so much Rio Mints and Tin Iglesias!

Disclaimer: Pictures without watermarks are from Rio Mints FB page


Friday, November 30, 2012

Firmoo x Charmed Holiday Giveaway!!

Hello Charmed people!!!

      I've recently got an email from Firmoo that they will sponsor voucher giveaway to a lot of bloggers worldwide and I am lucky to be one!! It's their way of celebrating the holiday season; giving everybody a chance to have a brighter view of the world, (not to mention how fashionable it can be). We'll be giving away $20 vouchers to 20 people, OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!!!
What's good is that there's a bunch of eye wear you can buy worth $20 and below. You'll just worry for the shipping fee! It is like having a pair for free! (Rhyming FTW!).
So if you happen to get your first pair free from their Free Glasses for First Time Buyers Promo, then it's your chance to avail your second pair $20 discounted (excluding designer glasses)!!

Thinking of what you can buy using the $20 voucher? Here are some of my picks at Firmoo under $20!!!





So here's how you can win! Just follow the instructions at the Rafflecopter form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ends Dec. 17. Take note: vouchers are only valid until Dec. 25 midnight! Happy Shopping at Frimoo!!

In case you don't win, you can still avail of their First Pair Free promo!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Breaking Dawn showing by Nuffnang and Wacoal

Hello Charmed people!
Tu va bien?

Here's one of my backlogs. And I'm so sorry for posting late >.<. But anyway, I'm so pleased to watch the finale of the Twilight series ahead of others! Thanks to Nuffnang and Wacoal, we got to watch Breaking Dawn P2 at Resorts World Manila last Nov. 15!
Also it was our first time to go to Resorts World Manila! haha XD

Revolving doors, casino, BVLGARI, Salvatore Ferragamo, and a fountain with swimming christmas balls... talk about luxury mall, no wonder this place is where foreigners and beauty pageant finalists do their shopping. 

This outfit is what I wore to school. Then after I headed to my dad's office to accompany me and watch with me too :D. Must say, I just worked out my usual jeans outfit with spiked bangles (I just bought from Find 'N Flaunt), a handmade chain braided necklace and earrings, and wedge heels! :D

It's not the Nuffnang's lane, it's the regular movie showing lane. I snapped this pic while we're having dinner at Stackers that's just in front of this.

I know at this point, a lot of you have watched the finale and I can't anticipate it anymore (huhu T.T). I'm not really a fan of the series but I did appreciate the finale, and all I can say is that there's that moment where I want to save Carlisle!!! Oh my!! I nearly cried! Okay no spoilers :)

What about you guys? Share your experiences too!! :D