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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello Charmed Girls!!!

     Sorry for being MIA for..uhmm.. almost a month? Though our holiday break started early last Dec. 14, I've got to attend two events last 13th and 14th... ended up with colds T.T. And now I'm finishing (take note: finishing) a magazine article for DDG mag, and there's a bunch to follow after that. So vacation it is? Haha! Don't worry I'm currently enjoying this so far :D In fact this Saturday, I'm planning to attend DDG's 3rd Anniversary Party/ Xmas Party/ 3rd issue Launch Party! And good to know that DDG mag will be hitting the shelves soon!!! Whaaa!! So excited! Please make sure to buy your copies girls!!!

Let me share to you what I did last 13th and 14th!

    Of course I won't miss my neighbor/bestfriend's debut last Dec. 13! Do you know that I got a hard time choosing what I'm gonna wear? Ok look, their house is just two streets away from us. And all others are wearing gowns!!! I don't want to "over" or "under" dress per se. Anyway, here are our moments.

With the birthday girl, Daisy :)

Here's what I my mom told me to wear. It's actually a costume for a chorale competition in UP :D

With May :D

It's not very grand. Just a house party. But everybody seem to wear a party dress. 

The next night, I went to CEO Flats for my dad's company party,Rock of Ages Xmas Party! So what do you expect? We got to wear rock n roll inspired costume!

Yes! It's the same LBD I wore over time haha! But I added studs and chains on the shoulder part to rock it over!!!

Special thanks to Michelle of Mich Eats and Shops! I surprisingly won her Betty Leggings giveaway and that's what I wore! The package just came in time! :D 

That's all for now girls. :) While I'm finishing this, I was able to finish and submit my rush article !(*pats my back*) Talk about multitasking! (While letting my ginataan cool... you know the one with saging, sago, bilo-bilo, camote? haha :D ). I maybe absent for a short time but I the next time I post here I will giveaway something for you girls! So stay tuned!!

See ya!


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  1. The bag! And the shoes! Awww <3
    By the way Momo, I love how you pulled that rocker look! See you in a few days! ;)