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Monday, December 3, 2012

Mint-to-be Fashion Illustration Workshop by Rio Mints and Tin Iglesias

Hello Charmed!

It's been a busy week for a lot of us here. Good thing we had a very loooong weekend (Last Friday was a holiday and no Monday classes!).
Last Saturday I was able to attend Mint-to-be workshop by Rio Mints,this time a fashion illustration workshop by Tin Iglesias!

The venue was in Thaipan resto at Tomas Morato Ave. If you only knew how we felt when we found it!  (Okay, we're kinda lost T.T)

Because I arrived late, (blame me for getting lost T.T), I wasn't able to take a lot of pics, and missed Tin's presentation... but anyway I always frequent her blog so I'm familiar to some of her illustrations.

When I arrived, Tin greeted me and hand me this module and some materials.

First thing to do, sketch a body figure on a graphing paper.

When I was 12, I was trying to do some fashion designing; getting a blank sheet of paper, drawing gowns and dresses, sometimes I get inspiration from newspaper fashion editorials which I cut-out and paste and compile along with my designs. But I think it's the TV that inspired me most like Tommy Hilfiger's show, Project Runway, ANTM and other reality fashion programs. Then I "stopped" since I'm the kind of girl that wants to try everything new. I didn't improve much of my drawing skills. Good thing this workshop brought back my drawing instincts again. And this Figure Road Map module is so helpful!

That was us busy sketching, drawing, and asking Tin on how to do this and that! haha XD

While of course, chewing Rio mints! Includes their newest flavor, Sweet Mango! :)

She's my seat mate. Oh no, I forgot her name T.T. Anyway, thanks for some chats!

Some of their works

It's my first time to try Thai food. I really liked their dessert!

Tin working on her concept of Rio Mint Sweet Mango flavor.

Tin became popular not only because of her style blog, but most of all her talent in illustration and drawing. Mostly about fashion. No wonder why she excels being a UP Clothing Technology student and a stylist!

Can't believe she just did it in so little time!

I have to go early because the next day's my dad's birthday and we have to go to Quiapo to buy seafoods (and to haul accessories haha XD).

Just one pic with Tin before I leave!

Thank you so much Rio Mints and Tin Iglesias!

Disclaimer: Pictures without watermarks are from Rio Mints FB page


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