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Friday, November 1, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Day 4 : Long and Lazy


The most awaited season of all fashionistas and bloggers around had came yet I was so lazy. No no.. don't get me wrong-- I'm really excited to what our local fashion designers have to present but some factors during that day drained my enthusiasm. First is the time of the show, 2:30pm! I have planned my outfit for the PhFW but then (I think) it's not applicable and very awkward to wear at daytime when the sun's shining very bright and it's hot. So I had to search through my closet again to wear something more "applicable". Second is the very untimely coincidence of road reblocking along EDSA!! It's like it's the only day I'll go to PhFW and arrghh!! Hello looong traffic!
And the last is that the head lights of my father's motorcycle was inoperative so we can't stay until dark and we have to leave SMX early.

Whew. But then I managed to go and meet up with my HRIM classmate, Irish! :)
It's her first time to watch PhFW and look! Loved her  outfit!

Bringing out the sexy back!

Here's my earthy "lazy" outfit. Haha XD

Even she has to endure the heavy traffic along Buendia, and still looks fresh!

We attended the show of Anthony Ramirez, Chris Jasler, Lizanne Cua, Melchor Guinto and Randall Solomon. It was worth the travel to see the works of 5 designers!

Here are their designs:

Anthony Ramirez's Sous La Lune collection
If you've been following Anthony Ramirez's Instagram account, you've already known that these clothes are now worn by celebrities like Danita Paner and Karen Bordador. Who wouldn't love the cuts and structure play in these designs? These kind of designs are so "red carpet ready" with minimalist and sexy design and celebs haven't recovered from the sheer and peek-a-boo trend yet.

This is the one worn by Karen Bordador. :)

And this is my fave! Loved the color and the black accents and the ruffles!

Ruffa Mae Quinto for the finale, wearing an off shoulder gown with strategic peek-a-boos that accentuates her curvaceous body.

The designer, Anthony Ramirez with his muse, Ruffa Mae.

Chris Jasler's Collection
His collection is a ready-to-wear smart casual design-- using jeans and shirt layered by formal pieces like polos and jackets, but with a hint of grunge.

This man came out wearing a very clean and neat outfit, then after a second, they dimmed the lights and someone was putting grease (or black paint, am not sure) in some parts of his suit!

And here's the result.

I loved how his designs are wearable, edgy and polished. I mean, it's a transition outfit like if you have a meeting in the morning and a casual date in the evening, just take off your jacket and you're good!

Chris Jasler, designer.

Lizanne Cua's Sibylline collection

We had minimalistic and edgy from the previous designers, now we will have a futuristic sans black and white. Lizanne Cua's Sibylline collection consists of colorful and color-blocking sheer, flowy and reflective textures. Perfect for summer in the beach, when you want to enjoy the sands in the day and the beach party at night. For sure you will stand out.

What's nice is that you can avail of her designs at The Vatican in Podium! Hmm.. want to try out some? :)

Lizanne Cua

Melchor Guinto's Collection
At the first picture, you might just deduce that it's a retro-inspired, and prints collection.

But the thing is their footwear,

they're wearing bakya! :)

You might think that it's just fine, because it's Spring/Summer Collection, and the girls would really love to wear bakya during that season.

Guys, I dare you.

To wear a suit,
a fresh looking formal outfit like this
(but in fairness, I loved the tiger design :)

wearing bakya.

Yep, all the models are wearing those. And we are the one's feeling uneasy for them.

Melchor Guinto

Randall Solomon's Collection
Fairies. Magical. Wedding.
Three words to describe Randall Solomon's collection.
  Intricately beaded gowns, embroidery and patterns, you will really feel dreamy and like you've been transported to a magical place. But the last few designs were in the shades of white and cream, perfect for magical weddings too. :)

Marina Benipayo opened the show with a beautifully embroidered gown.

And this is my fave from this collection! Feels like the petals have showered on her and have not left her dress. Awwww....

Also to close the show, Marina wore a beaded gown with a long ruffled tail.

Their headdresses remind me not only the forest fairies but also of a bride's veil.

I'm sure every bride-to-be wanted to try out some of his designs (even I wanted to take it all home and fit them! Hahaha XD ).

So that's a wrap! The Filipino designers are really creative and world-class when it comes to fashion! Let's support their shows and patronize their works. After all, it's Filipino made! Tatak PINOY!SLR selfies!

Love lots!

Momo :)


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. You are a lucky girl that you've got to see all those amazing designers and creations.

  2. I've never been to a fashion week event. But I can imagine having a lot of pressure deciding what to wear in case I attend