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Friday, October 25, 2013

Shoe Designer for a Night

               If you're wondering why I've been MIA even if I already got internet connection and sem break has started in UP a week ago... it's because... I got sick and I am finishing my commitment to my college newsletter which will be launched on the first week of classes.
 But I really missed blogging! So here's a back-to-blogging post I wanna share with you!

  When creativity strikes, you shouldn't let it go! Especially when my mother started bugging me to "fix" her sandals. It was actually from my tita's friend and just gave it to my mom, she accepted it because they had the same size with her hopes that my "creativeness" could do something in this.

So here I am, a shoe designer for a night.

Think you could wear this sandal in this state? My mom wouldn't!
She wouldn't for months. I think. Especially when I tried to paint the wooden circles to try out (the other pair was the guinea pig) . So she started bugging me this sem break to finish what I've started.

The cover of the sandal is plastic, with 5 faded wooden circles and rusty metal circles. At first I really do wonder what was it like when it was new? It's not really my type of design of shoes. But there must be something that encouraged the previous owner to buy it.

Anyway, My mom doesn't want an OA design. Just, you know, to "hide" the 5 old circles. I used cheap materials to stylize this old sandal. Since I have an accessory shop business, I have a lot of wires and stuff. I also stocked bottles of paint for personalizing button earrings. So that's what I used: Wires, spacers, acrylic paint and super glue.

And this is the result,


I painted the wooden circles with white and covered it with bronze spacers.Not yet contented, I added spiral flair with the bronze wire.

Tip: The super glue is not called SUPER for no reason. Be careful not to stick your fingers. Swear, it hurts.

Who would say that it's the same faded and rusty sandal, eh?
It's not

And now my mom likes to wear it now! Hoho!

Achieved ba?

Comment your reactions below! :)



  1. I love what you did with those clogs! Cute buttons! It definitely looked tons better :)

    xx Daphne of

  2. ok that is a huge improvement , the clogs looks 1000 times better now
    xx Denise

  3. First time I read about a clog cinderella story. Honestly, I was surprised to how surprised I was seeing the improvement. Awesome job! Your mom must be proud.

  4. Shoe Designer For Night! Cool tips. I love to see people make old/vintage items come to life again. Neat post.