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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oil-free Selfie with Garnier Light Complete

Are you fond of posting selfies on Instagram? Of course! We all do! We all wanted to flaunt our new hairstyle, fab make-up and stylish up-dos on the social community! But how now I decided to make an Oil-free selfie with Garnier Light Complete, and take note, this is also a No Makeup Look! Just my trusty facial moisturizing cream! Can this be an Instagram worthy post? Let's see!

Let us know about the product first.
Garnier Light Complete is a multi-action whitening cream with Pure Lemon Essence and Salicylic Acid derivative!

Lemon Essence- helps in whitening and purifying dark spots
Salicylic Acid- prevents pimple-causing bacteria

Okay. This might be a cliché, but I have oily skin. So the story goes, my pimply face back in high school--turned acne marks--turned to very evident spot you can see on my ID and class pictures. T.T
The thing is, when I got into University of the Philippines- Diliman, as you probably know, you can't escape, (except from the stress and the academic works...that's given >.< ), THE SUN! It's the one that follows you every time you walk around the campus every change of subjects and you have to hop from a building to another every 12 noon causing your skin to get dark and burned. YOU REALLY NEED A POWERFUL SPF WHEN YOU'RE STUDYING HERE. Unless you have a car, of course. But the catch is, I need a product that can minimizes the appearance of acne marks, prevents my skin from getting too oily throughout the day and protecting my skin from the excruciating harmful rays of the sun.

My own SELFIE challenge using GARNIER Light Complete.

Applying GARNIER Light Complete Whitening Cream


I love the lemon/ citrus scent! Plus it's good to my skin! I get instantly matte-finish, clarified skin. I don't get very oily after 8 hours or so. And after a week, any dark spots/ acne marks are noticeably minimized!
That's why I love this product! I mean, seriously, all necessary needs of my skin and lifestyle are met by GARNIER Light Complete!

Trust me, it's just the cream! Haha XD Although I'm not really 100% flawless, I'm confident with my skin! Sometimes I just put powder, eyeliner and lip balm and I'm good to go!

And here's my Oil-free Selfie pose with GARNIER Light Complete!
Is it HEART-worthy? :3

How about you? Show us your oil-free selfie too!


Momo :)

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