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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Debut!!

So if you're wondering where I've been all summer, aside from attending summer classes, I organized my debut last May 26! It was just a simple house party since only few guests were invited and I want everyone to enjoy (and my mom wants to know all my friends!).  I've been busy doing the invitation, my tarpaulin, my AVP, and checking on my guest list. It was really fun to do especially when you look at those things after it's done. They serve as my remembrance and my portfolio! Haha! So nuff of the talk, here's what happened!

My tarpaulin!!! I made this!! *so proud* haha XD My theme is retro that's why.

My dress and shoes! The black and pink dress used as top and the fuchsia pink ruffled skirt from Arnold Galang's collection at The Vatican, The Podium :)

2 Hours before the party, my cousin, Ate Merilyn, prepped my look. Here's me(with all the stuff in my room) having  a glimpse of the products she will be using.

And ta-dah! Here's what I've become! Haha! *With matching flying hair XD * My other cousin, Ivan, the one taking pictures, even teases me "gwiyomi*, I don't know why!

I remember my cousin used Etude House BB Cream, L'Oreal liquid foundation, In2It eyeliner and Maybelline bronzer, blusher, and lippie :)  Interesting how she matches everything with my theme and my skin type. Here's my look after 2 hours!

My mom and dad. =) They were still busy organizing stuff until the guests came but it seems that they don't look haggard at all!
My li'l bro!! He's so preppy with that shirt!

My relatives!

Ate Merilyn, my cousin and make-up artist for the night!

The Power Puff Girls! 'Cause we have powers, and we're so puffy girls!! Haha! XD
They're my best friends, Kris and Leika. =) I really loved Kris' outfit! So retro!!!


My ever so supportive neighbors/former service mates!! haha! Martin, May and Daisy!

Snap shots of the program :))

                                                     My giveaways! J.CO Donuts!! :)

Although they're kinda late…. I really do appreciate all the hardwork and patience they spent just to attend my debut! Even though they came from QC, and it was raining, and they lost their way… they still came! Thank you CBs! 

With Remo!! The legit birthday boy!!! Thank you for celebrating your birthday with me! :)

It was really a memorable night! Thank you everyone!


MoMo :)


  1. You looks lovely on your 18th birthday! :))) Belated!