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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful Screening and Nokia Lumia Preview by Nokia and Nuffnang!

Hello there!

   I had fun last Thursday night at the Oz the Great and Powerful Screening by Abenson, Nokia and Nuffnang plus we all had a glimpse of Nokia's newest smartphone, Nokia Lumia series!

Talking about Shangri-la, you could also experience the Nokia Lumia by visiting Abenson's store at Shang!

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Don't fret, we really watched Oz. But I can't help to take picture with my superhero crush! I'm really looking forward to watching the 3rd installment of Iron Man!!! Tony Stark! Oh please!

Shirt: Cinderella | Galaxy Leggings: ROMWE

So here it is, the real Oz! I felt like I was brought back to my childhood years! The movie's cute, funny, inspiring, and full of love story and suspense.  And I loved the casts, the animation  and the screenplay! Ahh… for 2 hours I've been a 9 year old! And it's Rated G so the little kids could watch the movie!

This is the exciting part! Nokia Lumia preview! Here we were able to try the device personally and to critique the features. Scroll down for more!

Like I've told you, I don't have a smartphone yet, but it doesn't mean that I'm not aware of the techy stuff! I liked how responsive is the touch screen and those live tiles feature is just cool!  It was really "windows" inspired.  It has Windows office 8, to do your office work outside home,  Carl Zeiss Camera for a picture perfect shot and hey, it has a panoramic shot and face-editing features!

What's more fun? Nokia Lumia comes in different, lively colors! And I was awed of the wireless charging function!  And don't worry navigating the phone with your keys and fingernails because it has a gorilla glass!


Thanks Abenson, Nokia and Nuffnang for a wonderful night!


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