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Friday, August 17, 2012

Eiga Sai:Japanese Film Festival 2012

   Hello Charmed Girls!

It's just a fresh, sizzling post straight from the UP Film Institute! I just got home from watching a movie of course! What's more? It's FREE!!!!!

   I've just discovered Eiga Sai: Japanese Film Festival 201 from Nana's blog ( and became interested to it because one of the screening venue is at UP Film Institute so we just went there a while ago after our classes and the thing is the admission is FREE!!! It was a great start-up for the long weekend especially the movie that we watched was really fun and light.

About the movie, we watched "Happy Flight". Here's the synopsis.

It was our pick actually, among the other movies offered, plus the screening schedule is so perfect. And it will only be shown once in UP FI. We had the witty choice, right? 

The screening time is 4:30pm, according to Nana's blog, we should at least go there 30mins earlier  since it's a first-come first-served basis.

I came here with KMae, she's a freshie but we are of the same batch since she started her college year from other school but she transferred here in UP in a different course so she is considered a freshie. Luckily she agreed to accompany me!

  Happy Flight is an aviation movie. Here you will see the how the airline flights go, not only inside the plane itself but also the mechanics, the airport officers, the weather forecasters, the pilot, the stewardesses(both cabin and land), and also the bird boy (the one who shoots the birds to avoid engine problems in the plane)! It was a thrilling (the landing-due-to-bad-weather-and-first-hand-pilot scene!), humorous (Each of the characters has a colorful story, so what do you expect? :D ) , informative (I was totally awed on how the whole airline sectors work just to secure a safe flight!)  movie that also tells (airline) life lessons.
I totally recommend this for all ages!

We had a fun,relaxing night! There were a lot of available seats in UP FI! Why don't you visit? Sit back and watch. :)

See you!



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