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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion Charms: The Capitol Look, the next Trendsetter..

Hello Charmed Girls!!

          Soon will be seeing the 24 tributes from 12 districts to fight for the 74th Hunger Games!!! Aside from the deadly fights,  drama scenes and the  romance of Katniss and Peeta(that we are all excited to see), we got eyes for the Capitol's fashion statement that would surely become a trend someday!!    Got your tickets yet? If you have one(or two or more...) already then many of us here are JUST ENVIOUS !! But before you drop by the cinema ,  get to know the Capitol Look !! 

       A lot of us awaits for the fashion statements of the characters, especially those inside the Capitol! Even I wonder how Effie Trinket , Cinna and Caesar Flickerman would look like as said in the novel, of course, Katniss and other tributes, in their outfits!

Effie Trinket's look
    (Elizabeth Banks is just a gorgeous girl, and better when she's Effie!! Here's her site

Take a look!
Elizabeth Bank's Look for the Hunger Games Premiere
-image from

Here are just the pictures I got from Capitol Couture. It's like the official site of Hunger Games' styles and fashion!

THE CLOTHES: Lady Gaga might remind you of this. Their cloths, if not fire resistant, are made of gold, silver, jewels... may look weird but stylish and extravagant.. something that you could only see in runways, made by popular fashion designers.


Rodarte Fashion- Image from

Craig Mcdean- Image from

THE HAIR: Big, dyed hair with ribbons and other hair accessories. Usually blonde hair plus colorful hair accessories or a full dyed hair, styled…to create a huge hair. Thanks a lot, Katniss settles for braids.
Rolf Buck - Image from


THE MAKE-UP: Capitol's make-up is certainly DIOR.  A lot of eyeliners, eye shadows, false eyelashes and luscious lips.  More like a doll-like face, big eyes and gorgeous lips. The stronger shades the better! Just as long as it blends well and it doesn't make you scary …(unless you want to look like a cat..) Surgery is just like a common thing in Capitol.  

DIOR- Image from

THE SHOES: High-heeled adorned with stones  or anything just elegantly designed that will make you feel so envious!!  

Alexander McQueen- Image from
Laquan Smith -Image from

THE NAILS: Capitol people just want to color it all!!  The outfit isn’t complete with nail-arts that matches their clothing

Image from 


a.) CHOOSE YOUR CLOTHES!! Wear something that has a flashy color, or of different cut or design.
b.) STYLE YOUR HAIR!! Put it up, style or dye! Be sure to match your colors!!Or make use of your hair accessories!
c.) DO THE MAKE-UP!! Make your face pale. Focus on the eyes. Then make your lips look fuller.
d.) PAINT YOUR NAILS!! Choose a nail polish color! Or have a nail art according to your district!
e.) WEAR YOUR SHOES!! Finalize the look with that pumps!!

Here's my pick of the CAPITOL LOOK (hope to see them in the movie haha ):

My CAPITOL MAKE-UP: Still Dior, vintage looking but filled with colors


My CAPITOL shoes: I really love these pumps!! I see the Capitol people wearing crystal made shoes...

My CAPITOL hair: Funky colored hair!! But for Katniss, just a simple veil would do...

I'm very sure Effie would ditch this style!! Can't wait!!

Victorian Lavender Black Hat- Image from

My Capitol Clothes: SO EXTRAVAGANT AND FLAMBOYANT. That's it.



So, are you ready for the Hunger Games? Tell me more about it! :D

P.S. There was a Hunger Games Symposium at the C.M. Recto Hall, Faculty Center at UP Diliman. A lot of stuffs were given away! Includes movie posters, record album, movie passes and the "STAMPED MOCKINGJAY BOOK"among others. Here's a look of a Mockingjay pin won by Sir Albertti(yeah, he's my crush...shhhh!!)!

Mockingjay pin won by Sir Albertti - Image from Sir Albertti

Note: Images are searched from Google Images unless specified.

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