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Friday, July 19, 2013

Cover Snaps: July Issue- Chrome vs. Vibrance

Hello Charmed!
Here I am again writing about magazines! Haha XD Anyways, I hope you'll like reading about
"Cover Snaps", because I'm totally into this. You know, visiting a local bookstore and (feeling) being a critique. Hohoho! This is so fun! You should try this sometimes.
Here are the magazine covers for the month of July! I noticed that the magazines just played with two concepts: Black-White combo or Color play. Midyear fashion is really hard to predict since we shift seasons in fashion also. But how did the magazines play it? Take a look!

I've seen the tweets of Vogue last June that their cover girl for the July ish is the California girl, Katy Perry and they had this video on their website featuring Katy sans make-up! I haven't seen yet the vid but Katy on Vogue, she look like she just came out from Twilight series (because of her eyes and blood red lipstick), thankfully her dress showed some skin and I liked the roses print and that grass backdrop. Fresh and romantic Katy, yes.

Now we move on to the younger version! And as I told you before!! Emma's never out of the scene! But in fairness eh, I liked the "freckled" version of Emma Watson here. Yep, it's like Emma sans make-up ish but she rocked it! I'm not biased! Haha! But I really stared for 5 good minutes just to check if there is something wrong in my eyes. They emphasized her (freckled) face by putting up her hair and styling her with silver accessories and an off-shoulder top. And what do you think about that smile? Clever.



Meanwhile, the cheaper and local counterpart of Teen Vogue (well, in a sense, maybe) has done an entirely different take. Carly Rae Jepsen is sporting that fresh edgy make-up ( I would really like to wear that look in school but UP's weather won't make it last long!) , bangs, and a salmon-colored top. Perfect statement style for college girls and teens, I say. Despite her age, Carly Rae seems to look very young! Inspiring? Hmm. Maybe :)

I've never seen Shakira for a long time and I think that's why I missed her when I see her on the cover of ELLE. I stared at it but I wasn't that captivated. It's just that bold yellow letters that caught my eye and the image of a renowned singer I haven't seen on screen for long.

Local scene!

Our fave local teens, Jasmine Curtis and Julia Montes for Mega showed how black-and-white outfits can change you from a trendy-sweetie to a high-fashion lady. Though I couldn't get the concept that much (err, the ropes), it's not out of place either. They both made the pose, but I think that's all. I just hope you won't get bored staring at them!


Meg magazine has Isabelle Daza as their belle for July. As you can see, the same concept (obviously, since they are both under Mega publishing), edgier and more mature than the above one, but I noticed Isabelle's hair here. Belle's hair is really long, but for that "city chic" look, especially if you're working, a short blunt cut hair is recommended. Nice take.

Meanwhile, Metro plays "fashion fun with colors" with Empress Schuck and Joseph Marco on the cover. I like how they shoot outdoor for this (not really playing safe, aren't they?). And they were able to "bring" their outfits very well, even the outfit of Joseph Marco. If you're not the minimalist type, you could always go with colors and prints. Definitely.


Oh well, that's all I have for July! Drop by and leave your comment below! :)



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