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Friday, December 20, 2013

5 Reasons Why I end up becoming a Doctor Who fan (and YOU should too!)

   5 days from now until "The Time of The Doctor" will be shown and also the last appearance of Matt Smith as the Doctor. So I made this blog post to celebrate my current conversion to the Doctor Who fandom. Yeah! I'm a new convert! So what do we call ourselves? Whovians? Haha XD
Anyway, I just started watching Doctor Who around 3 weeks ago. [TOLD YOU I'M NEW, FRESHLY BREWED CONVERT!!] And I started with Season 5, Matt Smith's reign as the Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, his companion. The idea of Doctor Who to me before was it's a sci-fi show that has a lot of complexities that I would find it hard to cope up with if I decided to start watching it sometime. Plus the regeneration-thingy makes me think that it's like a never-dying/we-will-keep-it-long show. (Imagine what I think of that now.) I have few friends that would rant to me about the Doctor being dead (or it was like "Moffat likes killing his actors!" like what he did to Sherlock haha XD ). That didn't trouble me before until now!

So what pulled me into the rabbit hole?

Here are my 5 reasons!

1.) THE FANS (or what they call themselves WHOVIANS)

They were actually the first one who influenced me. What the fans did on the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. One of my friends in Facebook, along with her friends and Whovian Philippines, had a costume party to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the show. They dressed up like the characters, in coats, neckties, bowties, with a blue policebox (that I really don't understand what that is since). For me, that was really amazing. To think even the fans here in the Philippines would make an effort like that for their beloved show, it must be a really good one to watch!

Whovian Philippines DW50PH: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary End of the World Party...
(Photo from: Geanne Flores here )

Matt Smith is my first doctor (my raggedy doctor... *.* ). When I first saw him on the Eleventh Hour (which is also my first episode to watch) I remembered Jim Carey! But that's not it. Haha XD Matt is quirky, cunning and fun to watch and his portrayal of his role as the Doctor is what is instilled in our minds. Weird but lovable and cheerfully smart! Who doesn't love his dramatic monologues? (Legs. Yes. Bowties. Cool.) Matt is also young and hot which makes him more "reachable" than my other British crushes like Ben and Tom.
Although I might sound biased (okay I'm already there), I'm excited to watch his predecessors too!  What about his successor, Peter Capaldi? Well, I think we'll be having a hard time coping up with him since he's a lot older than Matt but who knows? Matt has been under that critics and fans's noses too when he started as the Doctor but now he proved that his absence would break a lot of hearts! So Peter Capaldi will have to do his very best to mend the broken hearts and impress the Whovians.

Amy Pond. The Girl Who Waited.
Does that sound nicer if that's your name instead? Haha XD Kidding.
Anyway, Amy is also my first and her strong, brave and sassy character makes me like her so much! Karen and Matt's off cam relationship is also cute! Especially when I watch Doctor Who Confidential eps, their flirting and accent (I love her Scottish accent!) is enough to make my heart jump! With the whims and lonesomeness of the Doctor, he certainly needs someone to be with him to travel through different time and space and show how impressive he is is time-travelling with his TARDIS. Well after all, he is a mad man with a box, some nice girl would do to give some sanity... or not.

Endless possibilities. Different times, different space. Long ago or million years after.
Doctor Who gives us at least an episode of not the usual earth-thing. Starting with his bright blue box that's bigger on the inside to the bubble universes, parallel dimensions, starships, talking planets; name it, the Doctor can give you a glimpse of them. Any time you prefer. It's awesome how they can come up with the idea of each of them but one thing's sure; anywhere or anytime you put the Doctor and his companion, there will be an adventure coming. It's fun to see how creative they can be. That's one reason why we are kept on our seats.


I became a Sherlock fan first before Doctor Who. But back then I really thought that Steven Moffat is really a genius writer and wouldn't run out of creative juices. All the suspense, the elements of surprise, the tricky twists, and unraveled endings (and cliffhangers) is just so HIM. Not to mention his witty scripts that will make you laugh every now and then. How he turns a freaky episode to a heart warming realization (e.g. The Beast Below, Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone) is just brilliant! Although he loves "killing" his characters and props (read: fez), he's got a nice turn up point of the characters.  I wonder if he loves grand entrance? Because his characters surely does. No wonder he usually writes the firsts and lasts episodes. Haha! I would love to meet him soon. Or work with him! *Salutes*

It's not hard to love Doctor Who. Maybe the boredom, or the curiosity or the long wait for Sherlock pulled me into this black hole but what ever the reasons are, every episode kept me wanting for more. And I'm still on even after Matt Smith's reign, I still want to see what Peter Capaldi has up in his sleeve. Oh wait, will he be wearing that bow tie too? Gotta watch out!

What about you? Are you part of the WHOVIAN fandom? :) Comment below! :)


MoMo :))

Disclaimer: Photos are not mine. Grabbed from the internet. Credit goes to the owners.


  1. Congratulations on your first entry in the Whoniverse! I suggest you catch up on other Doctors aside from Smith. :)

    1. Yay! Thanks for the warm welcome! <3 Of course will catch up!

  2. Looks like a good series. I'll try to start watching Doctor Who.

    1. Yay! Another convert! haha! I'm sure you'll end up a WHOVIAN too! :>