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Friday, December 27, 2013

NICHIDO Lip Liner in Rosette Review (plus Doctor Who stuff!)

It's fun how exchange gifts and wishlists influence you to try out a new product. Haha! We had an exchange gift two weeks ago in our newsletter team and because the giver should be a "secret" we created a wishlist where everybody could write what they want to receive. Thankfully my "baby" just wanted either a USB or The Big Bang Theory Episodes. So I gave her Loki earrings! Haha! 
WHICH I MADE! EXCUSE ME! And she requested that from me long before. #excuses
Okay, well I noticed that on the wishlist, two girls wanted to receive a NICHIDO lip liner. And considering we have a 100 minimum budget, I thought that this was really cheap! So I checked this one out!

I found out that this comes in four shades: Blaze (red color), Spice (coral shade), Roseberry (nude) and this one Rosette (warm pink/brown/natural). 

Price: P100! Very affordable for a student budget!

One stroke on my hand

As you can see, it gives off a natural, warm, pink+brown color and it matches my lips perfectly! Perfect for everyday look to school! I really love wearing a natural looking lip product whenever I go to school so it's not very obvious yet you look neat and nice. And it's my first time to try out a lip liner and it really works fine!

Good pigmentation
Nice color on my lips
Doesn't hurt my lips when applying because it has a creamy consistency
Perfect for go-to looks/"no make-up look"/natural look

The shade is so natural on my lips I almost thought at first I didn't put anything at all! (Well, I want to try out the other shades too!)
Creaminess of the product tend to smudge and feather, but not too much. No worries about that actually.

Will I buy again?
Yes! But different shades! I would love to try Blaze and Spice. I was actually torn between buying Spice or Rosette. But I loved the redness of Blaze!

Under daylight

But I absolutely love how it looks under daylight. I love how can be matched with less-to-no make up at all or with bronzers+blush ! In fact I can totally wear it on it's own and still look like I just got out from bed! LOL! haha!

Powder + Nichido lip liner + messy hair= beach babe just-woke-up-and-I'm-off-to-go

See what I mean? Haha!

And of course, it reminds me of Amy Ponds' look! I know you know that I'm still watching Doctor Who Season 6 and she's one of the reasons why I love the show! And I'm really keen on copying her look! Hahaha! I also want ginger hair!!!!!! 

(photo grabbed from net)

Well with a dash of eyeliner, mascara, cheek tint and brow liners (and ginger hair!!) and off you rock Karen Gillan's look in here!

Talking about Doctor Who, let me just say that I'm one of the fans that really love Matt Smith's role as the 11th Doctor and now that he left the show to pass the torch to Peter Capaldi, I really wish Matt to have an awesome career outside Who!

As a tribute to the 11th Doctor,

Hope you guys, Whovians, Doctor Who fans, loved them. :)
It's the best I could do to express my lateness (in every sense of the word) and love for the show and Matt Smith. :)

So don't send me spoilers please! I know nothing about Clara yet! Hahahahaha! I'm still in Season 6! (Episode 11, to be exact -____ - ) . So please be good to me! :)

But anything you want to discuss, just comment below! :)



  1. oo i like this shade! very natural

  2. It's a lovely natural look like Karen's - the doctor who fans are going crazy over here in England! Great that you're a fan :) xx

    1. It really reminded me of her lip color in the series! So effortless!
      And please keep in touch with me if you got any Doctor Who cast sightings! Haha XD

  3. I know Im a loser for not trying a lip liner. Now I know how it works. Nichido has an affordable makeups that has quality. so, it is worth trying :)

    1. Yes you should try it too! It's also my first time and it works very fine! :D

  4. I have this also!!! I'm in love with the neutral/pinkish shade which is close to my actual lip color :)

    1. Great! I think many girls have loved this too. I want to collect the other shades! haha!