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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jumped inside the TARDIS

The real reason why I am MIA for 2 months. Haha.
Tsk tsk tsk. Doctor, when will you be getting us back in the right time?

 But really, with all the school work they dumped us when the new year started, the only thing that fits my break times is watching Doctor Who or writing my Codals (Philippine Civil Code, yes). And hopefully you'll excuse me for that. I have lots of things to blog but I don't have much time to edit pictures and draft a blog post but I hope this post will do for a while. After my acads and my orders I think I can manage to blog again more.

  AND if some Whovian in the Philippines is reading this because I mentioned the TARDIS... then I am obliged to tell where I took this picture with my friend Carmela. It's only a TARDIS door located inside the College of Mass Communication building (near the auditorium) in UP Diliman. Inside it is a exhibit of an organization (thus the logo). If you like to have a photo ops too, you can visit there. We just hope it would still be there next week. :)

   In fact we went there few minutes before our exam haha XD And we were reviewing while going there (our exam is on CHE and the TARDIS door is on CMC building). And we were surprised when we saw in one of the bonus questions in our exam this "If you're not taking the exam now, where will I find you and what will you be doing?"  and I answered:


Oh well.

'Til next!



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