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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beauty Charms: Lippie Review: NYX and Loreal Lipstick!

Since it's the start of the year , my mom and I started to buy another set of make-up. So now, I've been looking on some reviews about different brands of eyeliner, foundation, blush-on and especially lipsticks! 

When it comes to lippies, we must consider two shades; the red and the nude. It's like the stronger and the lighter shade, because whenever we wear a red lipstick, or another stronger shade it must go with weak or lighter eye shadow, and vice versa. Also we consider if it is matte or shimmer. I will feature two brands of lipstick I've been using for a few days; Loreal: Colour Riche, Star Secrets lipstick in Fuschia Red and NYX lipstick in Perfect shade from Pandora's Boxes.

Loreal  Colour Riche, Star Secrets lipstick in Fuchsia Red has a matte finish. So when you apply it on your lips, you may use a lip shiner or gloss to make it shimmer or you may just wear it that way.  It also has Moisturizers and Vitamin E that will nourish your lips and will make it smooth.

Here's what it looks like when you apply it on your lips. The thing I liked about this lippie is that I need not to wear much make-up, simply because my lip says it all!! haha!!Perfect for partying!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I remember how my mom reacted when she saw the shade of it!! haha!! She really wanted a "peach" shade but since only two shades are available from Pandora's Boxes' Sale, I took advantage of the Perfect shade.  I think it's worth it!! I really love how it looks on my lips. Plus, it feels creamy and hydrating. Perfect for me that is always under the sun whenever I move from building to building to my next class.

It looks a little brownish but I really love the shade because it has shimmer! The only thing about it is that it leaves lipstick marks! haha!! So I get careful not to touch my lips or to leave marks on my clothes! But I still got to wear them because it looks simple yet glimmering!!


  1. I love both of those lipsticks! The red one is nice, because it looks like a stain. Very natural but not boring! The nude is gorgeous, too. So lush!

    Thanks for posting my giveaway :)

    1. Your welcome sis!! :D I love them!! You're great in modelling your products too!! :D