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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fashion Charms: Fashion Trends of 2012

Don't know what to shop for this year? Read here!! Know the latest fashion trends for 2012 and start dropping it off to your cart!!

Revival of the 1920's Fashion

 Flapper dresses will have their come-back this year! Match them with the flapper headbands and hair dresses.  You can search for your Drop waist outfits last year and wear them too. 1960's fashion calls for flat busts, low waist and above the ankle skirts.

Revival of the 1960's Fashion

Geometric designs  and prints will make a come-back.  Although we had begun wearing this last year, you're still able to wear this on the spring of 2012. Leather belts, swing coats and  capes adds to the look. 

Peter Pan collar outfit and high waist pants, details of Mod fashion are also going to rock the spring! So bring out your treasure box and start searching for these outfits!

Color Trend
Orange!!(Color of the Year)
Earthly Colors

Hair and Make-up Trend
Big eyelashes
Lots of eyeliner
Unfussy, short hair
Pop color for lips

For more info about the hottest trends for 2012 go to

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