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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beauty Charms: The Goodness of Tea

Whenever I drink tea, I feel so relaxed and stress-free. So I always drink tea after a week of school work or whenever I want a peaceful mind. Aside from that, I usually make a cup every morning (or evening) after I eat a lot because it feels so light in the stomach for it has no sugar( I don't put sugar, unlike other drinks that can't be drunk without sugar).  Do you know that there is another use of tea other than drinking it?

By having a tea bath.

    Yes, if there is milk bath then there is also tea bath. I actually saw the result on my li'l brother because since he was a baby my mother bathes him with tea. Now, he really has a fair, moisturized skin. I tried it too(but it is really hard to keep the routine since I go to school early in the morning), but now I am only doing it weekly. Whenever I take I tea bath, I feel so cleansed and rejuvenated, it really feels good!! Knowing the properties of tea as an anti-oxidant and a natural cleanser, it will make you feel more relaxed and stress-free as drinking it. It also removes blemishes on the skin. But be aware, it is not good in everybody. Some will feel too moisturized and sticky. But I can say that it has a good effect on the skin, especially on dry skin.  Plus it doesn't cost too much. A teabag can be used for a max of 5-7 baths( depends on the strength of the solution). Just dunk the teabag in a warm water until the color darkens(maybe 3 to 5 dunks).

Try it and see the result!!

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