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Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello Charmed people!

  Who here likes photography? *raises hands* It's almost impossible for a blogger not to be fond of taking pictures. Let's say, cam-whoring to the next level, except you barely took pictures of yourself though! Haha XD

   I've just created a blog portfolio, MoMo's Photography, where I put the pictures I took there. Take note, I'm just using a digicam! Haha XD I really wanted to show all the pics but since I have a lot of pictures, and editing is so time-consuming, I used the Collage it Pro software by  Pearl MountainSoftware  given to me by Paige. Remember her giveaway here? And one of the winners is my blog partner, Aimee (see her post here).

Collage it software makes an instant collage of your pictures in just 10 minutes! You can customize the background, the frames, the no. of pictures and even the spaces! Here's a sample I've done.


Featuring the photos I've taken. Whoah, it's like a compilation of my photo works!

And here's a photo wall of me and my blogger friends Paige and Aimee :)

And here's on our Profile page

Here's how to use this software.

1.) Choose your template. You can choose anything though. You can customize it later but if you want to stick on the pattern, feel free to choose!

I chose the Collage_04  to start and here's what it looked like.

2.)Add pictures by clicking the "Add" button and drag your pictures to the frames.

3.) Here I customized the Background, added a frame and some of the specifics are shown here.

4.) Click on export and that's it!


I think I just did it in no more than 5 minutes! So convenient!

Some of the nail arts done on my nails!

Accessories I made available at Miss Bella Mode

And the exciting part! I'll be giving away three license codes of Collage It software to THREE lucky readers-OPEN INTERNATIONAL! You can download the software here. The Collage It software retails at $19.90 and the trial version would only last for 15days. But if you got these license codes, it would be forever yours and you can do as many collage as you can! You can use it for presentations, profiles,  advertisements, campaigns, paper works or where instant photo lay outing is needed! Like blogging!

All you got to do is support us!Me and my fellow UP Student/Iska, Bianca Lorraine Sing to win the respective contests we joined :D
If you believe in us, and hope us to win, and at the same time you want to own this software, we are very thankful if you'll join the giveaway :D That's our way of saying thanks! :D

Here are the mechanics to vote for Bianca Sing:
1.) Go to White's Hot app

2.) Vote for Bianca Lorraine Sing's entry

3.) You will be prompted to share it to your timeline

4.) Copy the link and paste it to the rafflecopter below

That's easy!!!
While in my entry you just have to click the SHARE button and paste also the post link :D

These two are the mandatory options--means you can do only these two to qualify, however you can get more entries by following my blogs and Paige's blog (since she's the one who gave me the license codes) and still go on to the next.

So here's a little prize I want to add--since I'm fond of e-books, I want to share to you the novels that I have.
I'll be picking 10 winners to choose from these e-books that I have.

Harry Potter series (From Sorcerer's Stone to Deathly Hallows)
Hunger Games series (From Hunger Games to Mocking Jay)
Hush, Hush series (From Hush, Hush to Silence)
Percy Jackson (The Lightning Thief, Sea of Monsters and The Last Olympian only)
Fifty Shades series (From Fifty Shades of Grey to Fifty Shades Freed)

So that's it! Please support us! Goodluck to all!!! :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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