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Friday, November 2, 2012

It's a GREEN dress

Hello Charmed girls!

Back to school countdown! Have you started counting yet? LoL. Wish we could "count up" instead. Haha! Okay since the school's coming up in a few days, it maybe my last chance to take decent outfit shots. Thanks to my ever patient and teasing mom for taking my photos and to help me with my outfit. :D

Remember the gown I wore at my bestie's debut? And the laced cardigan I used to dress down my LBD at PFW? Those 2 items I bought during the shopping spree from Embellish. Now I'm wearing these two pieces at the same time. Hope I can pull it off. :D

What I[and my mom] did was that we folded the gown up to the half-slip and ensured its place by the black lace belt to transform it into a dress.
See the title of my post? It's really like moss green but looks light blue under flash. That's why the accessories I used are color green.

Here's the gown from Embellish FB page

I was thinking of a casual-corporate attire. The dress has a lace details on the side seen without the blazer making it an outfit you can wear to a cocktail party. While topping it with a blazer turns like I'm one of those walking the streets of Ayala.

And I'm wearing my favorite nude pumps with leopard prints that made me look like a long-legged, tall lady! That's what I've learned from Ms. Aisa Ipac when I asked some styling tips for my body type. The blazer and the lace details made me look thinner too!

Laced Cardigan and Gown from Embellish

Beaded bracelet| Broadway Gems
Ring| mine

Nude pumps | The Landmark

My fave shot!! Whee!!
I look like an office girl here! Haha XD
   Embellish has a wide range of outfits that brings out every Filipina's sense of style. Like what I've done, it's a "transforming"outfit-  something you can wear from day to night, from office to a party. What most of us do, we are so busy that we have to think of other ways to wear it. Me, I don't have enough clothes to wear and blog to be a true blue fashion blogger, because I seldom buy clothes. But whenever I buy, I always consider how many times I can wear it in different styles. That's versatility.

Liked my outfit?
Check out Embellish stores too!
3rd floor Shoppesville Greenhills Shopping Center
4th floor Markatti Palazzo, The Podium!/embellish_ph
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