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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Leika's Blue Debut

Hello there!

 It's been a while since I'm talking about my best friend's debut and how excited I am to see them again. We were completed again. The four of us namely, Leika, Kris, Bryan, and me! If you only saw me, I was smiling whole-heartedly all night long! I miss them. And also their parents are so sweet like we belong to the family :) Aww..

Oh well, here it goes.

     Leika is a very good friend of ours and she turned 18 last Saturday but she celebrated it with her family and friends last night at the Tanghalang PasigueƱo.

What I wore: Gown from Embellish
                  Belt and necklace from The Landmark

We took pictures at the backstage but there's no sufficient white light.

Here's my outfit taken with flash.

Actually this dress is olive green. But the theme of the debut is blue! Haha XD I just said that my dress' color depends on the light. So you see? It looks light blue in here! *excuses!*

Bangles, ring, and watch| mine
Beaded bracelet| Broadway Gems
Nail Polish from Paige :) Thanks again for lending me your nail polishes!Thank you Daisy for my hair style :D

I also did my make-up! I'm so happy with the result! 
Nude pumps with Leopard prints from EIA at The Landmark

And it's also a masquerade themed debut so we got to wear mask!

My look last night received a lot of compliments! (I can still remember how Leika's mom, Tita Lea, slapped my bum and said "Dalaga ka na"! >.<) Aww.. Especially my gown from Embellish that I bought during the Embellish shopping and workshop! It's a wise choice too, since I'm one of the hosts for that night. Simple and cool in the eyes :)

And the one who took pictures of it was Kris!

 I'm still wearing my falsies here ( Trivia: It's my first time to wear false eyelashes!), but then I removed it LoL It became so annoying. And I have a very bad eyesight that also makes it a hindrance. 

It's Leika's tarp! :D

She's very pretty as always. Simple and cute. Always cares for her friends :)

The souvenirs :D

The hall is so spacious!

And finally Bryan came to complete the barkada!

We knew each other 7 years ago, but we've only been friends when we were 2nd year HS. It's a very long and exciting story how our bond keeps on holding. Just picture yourself reading a novel while every character comes to life and become real. Our story is like that. And I'm very glad to say that we are not yet on the finale. Conflict arises every now and then; full of comedy, love stories (between the four of us? Yes.), horror and drama. It's so funny how I see our friendship like this, but it's true. I nearly wanted to write a whole book out of it and I assure you, it would be sold out!

Leika with her parents

We are really family to them! Tito and Tita not only considers us as friends of Leika, but a family friend and we're very happy to have such close relationship to them. :) <3 br="br">  

Hosting is not that easy though. Especially when you are wearing heels. >.< .I remember taking off my pumps thrice and walked bare-foot!

The most kilig part <3 :d=":d" and="and" br="br" bryan="bryan" dance="dance" leika="leika" s="s"> Bryan is the 16th rose and Leika chose the song "Can I have this Dance?" in his turn 'cause they used to sing it before while dancing too :)

"It's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you,
It's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do"


*sighs* But they are not together though.  You know why? Oh well, everybody say: TORPE. :P

And her last dance is her father. :)

For the last (surprise) intermission number, they sang duet of "Walang Hanngan". <3 br="br">And it's impromptu! Double <3 p="p">

After the program, it's party time!

And it's our time to take pics with Leika!!! Whee!!! :D

Bryan is the one taking pictures here while Leika is removing the pins on her hair. And he was like, "Momo puro mukha mo na 'to!".

And she's done putting down her hair!

When they say "wacky", we pose like this. LOL XD

Whaa!! Cute Kris! <3 br="br">

In front of the Tanghalang PasigueƱo :)

Happy Birthday Leika! :D <3 br="br">
We <3 br="br" you="you">
Lovingly yours,
Momo, Kris and Bryan :)

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