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Monday, October 15, 2012

Misty Eyes

Hello Charmed girls!

Sem-break's in! Whatcha doin' huh? Me? I'm watching movies like The Vow and 50 First Dates and recaps of Sherlock series BBC one.
And also doing a crash diet! Yes, you read it right! My best friend Leika will be having her debut next Monday and I am one of the emcees! And I'm gonna sing too~ talking 'bout a lot of exposures huh?
So I'm preparing a lot for her very special moment--that includes jogging in place, push-ups, water-therapy and cutting down rice! Luckily, I know very well my body so I don't abuse or deplete myself of essential nutrients. I just love eating when I'm busy or stressed haha XD
And also the singing part, I'm practicing a song as of now... but I can't tell you! It's a surprise!

Aside from these exaggerated preps, (yes, but you can't blame me! We haven't seen each other for a year or so!), I'm also practicing my make-up!

The theme is blue, and I want to focus more on my eyes since it's my cutest part (LoL XD) and I want to play with my eye shadow set! I'm not a pro when it comes to blending make-ups. This tutorial is so amateur but since I liked the result, why not share this achievement! Yey!*claps*

Misty eyes

It is so misty, so blue and magical!

Here's what I used. The last three blue shades in that palette.

I've tried a lot of times to do it and now I almost perfected it,
I want to share a tutorial on how it is done.

1.) Using my fingertips, I used the lightest shade of blue to cover my eyelids.

2.) Then the next shade darker on the crease and upward. It will blend the lightest and the darkest shade of the palette.

3.) Here's the tricky part: Using the darkest shade, apply it on the outer side of your eyelids and the uppermost part of your eyes until it blends well. Re-apply the shades and blend well for stronger effect.

And here's the outcome! Ta-dah!

It's me! Sorry for the pic! >.< I just put powder and the eye shadow. That's all. Mee-hee. I'm too lazy to complete my make-up do that day.

What do you think? Any make-up advice? :)

P.S. That earring on my ear? I made it! Watch out for my new accessory collection! :D


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