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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Taken 2 Showing by Nuffnang and Kojie San!

Hello Charmed people!

We're very busy this week... why? 'Cause it's finals week! Final exams, final days of the sem, (and the "final" episode of the season 2 of Sherlock Holmes-the British one- that I would watch *sobs*) ....So we haven't much time to post.... or post on time haha XD 
Anyways, here's our Friday treat by Nuffnang and Kojie San! Taken 2 Special Screening!

I went with my dad, like what I said in my earlier post 'cause he's been looking forward to it and he just watched again the first part. He kept on telling me, "Hindi mo ba naaalala? You've watched it before?". Then he began to tell me the story haha XD. That's when I remembered it.


Got a picture with Mr. John Spainhour! Oh well, he's the handsome face of the Kojie San for Men!

The loot bag contains a Kojie Man soap and a Deo spray. I haven't taken pictures of it because I haven't seen them the next day.... I really don't know what happened to the loot bags.

And guess who's I just met for the first time!
Ms. Laureen Uy!

 Taken 2 was good! Though, I've been covering my eyes because I was not used to see "torturing" scenes (and just a note: that's exaggeration haha XD ). The sequel has a good story and maintained the excitement and the thrills.

Thank you again, Nuffnang and Kojie San! :D

Have you watched Taken 2 yet?


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