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Friday, October 19, 2012

White's Hot: Goddess Gone Grunge

Hello Charmed Girls!

    I used to be fond of Greek Mythology, and with that I adore Pallas Athena than any other deities. Then why "thelovedeity" is Charmed's URL? Aphrodite's power of love can't be matched though. Remember the Judgment of Paris? And I used to name this blog "Goddesses' Haven" but then I changed it to "Charmed" but I just left the URL behind.

     My outfit that day is an Athena-inspired modern goddess outfit.  That day I had to meet up with my bestfriend Leika, who'll be celebrating her debut on Monday and my co-host for that night, Rob, who also took these pictures of me! Thanks Rob! We had a short briefing on how we will do the hosting for her debut and also to build connection with my co-host that I've just seen for the first time! It's kinda unexpected, so I public commuted from Quezon City to Pasig and vice versa  in that very day! And imagine the time, almost 2pm! The sun is still on it's peak of blazing!

So when I met Leika, she already knew that I've asked Rob a favor beforehand about this photo shoot of me. And I told her everything, then she said "Mainit nga, buti na lang naka-puti ka." (Luckily, you are wearing white).

Yes, I wore WHITE! Imagine taking the risk, it would have stained (remember I commuted!). But for my theme, Goddess Gone Grunge, I just stuck with it. Anyway, it still looked fresh and fab even under the sun!

   When we picture out a Greek Goddess, more or less we have the same idea about their clothes;white and gold, flowy, with chains, made of velvet cloth; so I used that idea to live up a modern-goddess grunge outfit.


The white lousy blouse has a battle suit design pleats in the chest part (like Athena's).
And the sheer skirt is also pleated with gold floral embroidery, which really screams my theme very well.  Then I put a brown belt for more "action".  And we know that they wear strappy sandals for their footwear, especially those Spartans. Luckily, I have a brown wedge heels to match! And the buckles are so exposed! Whee! I feel so Grecian! And scruffy!

   For the accessories, I incorporated BRAIDS and CHAIN designs to my look, and almost all of them are made by me. Yes! I MADE THE ACCESSORIES! The earrings and the chain-and-satin cord braided bracelet. The grunge necklace is originally "grunge". I mean only the braided chains it were, but to add some color and fun, I linked the petal necklace that I bought from UP Cloth. Tech bazaar. So this is the "grunge" part because I wanted to add attitude to the outfit, not the usual floral and flowing. While in the ring is where I keep my power! Haha XD

The grunge necklace, the earrings and Chocolate Mousse chain bracelet will be released soon in my new online shop, Miss Bella Mode.  Check out my FB page.
Ring | Summer Dream

Wedge sandals| Montego Bay Club from Payless

  I had proven myself how my white outfit outshined. Especially I'm wearing gold/bright chained pieces, it really stood out! While I was walking through the mall, along the streets or even in the PUVs, I'm getting strange stares and comments. One man even told me, "Ate, magpayong ka! Mainit, maganda pa naman 'yang damit mo!". It was really shining and white is so feminine! And I gave dignity to my Greek Goddess-ramped-the-streets-of-Metro inspiration! Haha :D

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MoMo :D

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