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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Embellish Shopping and Workshop with Tin Iglesias, Aisa Ipac and Tracy Ayson

Hello Charmed girls!

       Last Friday, I went to The Podium to shop at Embellish with Tin Iglesias! I just won Php1000 shopping allowance and Php500  ZALORA GC! How's that! See how I won here. If you only knew how bad the day was for me (I'm just relieving my stress by watching Sherlock Holmes!--the British one--Benedict Cumberbatch is just so hot!) until Tin tagged me in her comment that I will shop with her! Oh my, I really need new addition to my wardrobe plus, the shopping helped me ease my feeling! I'm just so excited!

The Embellish shop is located inside Markati Palazzo at 4th Floor of The Podium. 

There I was welcomed by the Embellish team!

With Ms. Je-Anne

While waiting for the event to start, I took pictures of the place and the products inside.

Embellish is a local brand that brings out every Filipina's unique sense of style.

These Jacinto & Lirio bags are so fab! Plus they are Filipino made!


After some time, Tracy Ayson and Tin Iglesias came! Yey!

  In case you don't know, it's my second time to meet Tin. Remember the first? The SSB?  I posted it! Here. And still, I am still surprised by her! What I mean is her character haha XD First thought, Tin's a shy type lady but when you meet her, she's so becky! Actually the three of them hoho :D

While waiting for Ms.Aisa Ipac, we started shopping!!!!!

Thea (co-winner), Tin and Me!

Actually, I didn't have the hard time to choose since I've already knew my style and I have the first thing to find; a dress. I actually found one, and it's really a gown! Haha XD Thankfully, we've got two popular blogger/stylists in town to help us choose our wardrobe!

And here's Paxie, Ms. Aisa Ipac

They started the Blogging and Styling Workshop. There, they talked about how to deal with sponsors, to manage blogs,and also when they started styling and their styling 101's. I was very receptive of what I hear from them, of course! I always visit their blogs for styling tips and featured brands, what's in and what's not! Especially, Fashion Ate the World by Tin, since I liked her style, and I like to guess which place in UPD she shot her pics! haha XD, and have you been seeing her hairstyle nowadays? The braids, yes! I'm envious 'coz I'm still on my short hair moment haha XD

They've been asked to sample their style using the products inside Embellish.

Paxie while searching for clothes of her style

Tracy and Tin browsing from the prints and blacks section

Tracy's more of a feminine style, and also to show how to play with "print on print", she picked the sheer floral polo and a floral shorts to match.

Paxie likes vintage and showed us how to layer clothes properly.

Grunge and Edgy is Tin Iglesias' style. Fringed black blouse and a matching short completes her chosen outfit. Matching without overpowering the one from the other.

I really enjoyed the shopping and the workshop! Thank you Embellish!
The moment I can't forget is the chat I had with Ms. Aisa Ipac! First I asked for style advice (syempre di ba?Helur!Stylist siya now ni Karylle! ), where she shoots outfit shots and who's her photographer; she said that it was all self-timered! I was surprised ! (insert "Oh God, Why?" meme here) Samantalang ako hirap na hirap mag-outfit shot pag self timered, siya…. Oh my, something are really meant to be pulled off by others. *sighs* Infairness, I we had a good conversation. Kinilig pa nga ako eh! 'Coz I asked Tin and Aisa to comment about the earrings I'm wearing, (oo, pinilit ko sila mag-comment!haha XD), they said it's cute! Then I told them I made those earrings! I received a couple of "Ooohh.."s and they asked some questions >.< I'm so kilig! Thank you so much! You boosted my handcrafting confidence level! Yeah!

Here's a close up of my handmade earrings.
Hmm.. What should I call them? :)

My Embellish shopping bag! Inside it was an olive green dress (which is really a gown for me!) and my favorite piece that day, a black long sleeved cardigan with lace details! Whee!! I love the pieces I've picked! I planned of wearing the dress/gown to my bestfriend, Leika's, debut on the 22nd, and the cardigan… I plan of joining Embellish's Blogging/Styling Contest to win Php 10,000 worth of ZALORA GC and more! The cardigan is just a lovely piece and can really make an outfit fab!
Thank you again Embellish!

And I can use my ZALORA gift voucher to shop more Embellish's items!

P.S. Thanks to Ate Paige for my nail polish. The shade is Diva by Caronia :D

'Til next! xoxo :D

MoMo :)

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