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Friday, September 21, 2012

Dream-Catcher Inspired Earrings Collection

Hello Charmed Girls!!

      Cheers to my first ever handmade accessory collection!! Yay! *Claps!* Let me show you my
Dream-Catcher Inspired Earrings designed by ME! I've been working on it since last month but I've only had the time to take photos of it today. I'm just too excited!
    I've been fancied by the handmade accessories so I've tried my luck on it. After buying some materials and brainstorm on different designs, here are my creations!

Sunshine Dreamer earrings - P65
So far, it's my favorite!

Blue Dreamer earrings- P65

Chic Dreamer earrings- P65

Lavish Dreamer earrings- P60Aimee liked this design! 

Peach Dreamer earrings- P60
Spring Dreamer earrings- P60

Lucid Dreamer earrings - P60

Misty Dreamer earrings - P60
   Aren't they cheap enough? What I like in these earrings are that they reflect light(except the last two)! Like the disco ball effect… so when you wear them they flash colors, so lively and fun! They might look big.. But they are so light weight!

 Here's how it looks like when you wear them…


Chic Dreamer earrings when worn

My shirt says "Money can't buy Love but it can buy Jewelry". Hoho. Sounds so true.

Spring Dreamer earrings when worn

That's my friend/orgmate Lia! I asked her if I could use her as a model, and I told her to pick her fave!

Lavish Dreamer earrings when worn

   It's an instant photo shoot! Just as we saw that Beetle Volkswagen parked near AS (Palma Hall)! Isn't the pink Beetle cute? :D

  One design only per pair. Order now before it's gone!

   They are now posted on Charmed FB page and you can message your orders with the ff. details:

Product Name:
Shipping Address:
Contact No.:
Additional instructions:

 Meet-ups: UP Diliman
Katipunan Ave.
SM North
 SM Fairview
 Central Ave.
 SM Megamall (only Fridays and Sundays)

Visit Charmed Facebook page for orders and inquiries!



  1. I like the peachy pink ones. Good job in designing these :)

  2. Thank you Aya! I'll be designing and making a lot more! :D