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Monday, September 3, 2012

French-Inspired Nails, Midnight Rainbows and Silver Platinum Nails by Paige Seven

Hello Charmed girls!

My nails have been polished for many times by Ate Paige since July and the thing is, I still couldn't have the perfect time to post them!! As you know, Ate Paige is a very sweet blogger friend/org mate of us that loves nail polishes and nail arts!Whenever there are nail art contests (like the one from Caronia), we tag her and she joins them and because she has lucky fingers, she always wins them!! Whoo!!

Week before I attended the DDG Grand Launch, I asked Ate Paige to do some nail art on my nails.
I'm not really fond of nail arts, but I do trust Ate Paige regarding the design that will fit to my personality. I wanted an elegant design, not too detailed and messy, but unique! And I always tell her that I FELL IN LOVE with her EIFFEL TOWER NAILS
(o di ba, maisingit lang!)!!

So she did a FRENCH-INSPIRED NAILS for me!

Ring from Summer Dream

Paige told me that she plans to do a DIY tutorial in this French-inspired nails!Watch out for it!

This second one is what I called MIDNIGHT RAINBOWS. I also asked her to paint me this because I got envious with her PURPLE DISCO nails! BTW, both base colors are ORLY nail polishes.

Candid!!! haha :D

And the last but not the least the SILVER PLATINUM!! This is a part of the gift pack she won from Caronia's Friendship Day contest! I'm so thankful she shared her winnings to me. Aww.. I'm touched. :))

The Carolina Peach was worn by Ate Paige, so you better visit her blog SWEET LITTLE BITS for her review!

 What can you say? Isn't she so sweet!! Follow her blog too! SWEET LITTLE BITS :)

 Sweet love,


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