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Thursday, September 20, 2012

NOTD: Carolina Peach Colorblock

Hello Charmed girls!

I really wanted to update Charmed as frequent as I can but acads is still on the waaayy.... And now the sem is nearly on its end (Yay!), so we've got to focus... right Aimee? But the events keep on coming. Hoho. She'll be going (I think) to the Cheer Dance Competition on Saturday at MOA, and I don't know if I'll be going to Candy Fair 2012 (also on Saturday) since I don't have a companion. Any one who wants to go with me? :D

Anyways, here's a nail-of-the-day post for ya! Truth be told, it really just lived a day. I just tried the shades. 'Cause nail-arts (even nail polishes) , doesn't last that long with my ever-moving hands!! LoL But still I can manage to snap pictures of my nails...

For this I used CAROLINA PEACHes of different brands and shades. One is from Caronia which I borrowed from Paige, and the other one is from Bobbie which my mom bought.

As you can see they differ obviously on the shade, but they are both nice to the nails! It complements well dark to natural skin tones. See Paige's review on it.

Since I had the Bobbie first, I've used it a lot on my nails and nearly hard already. But because I got amused of the Caronia's shade, I wanted to try both!

Here I've applied first the Caronia shade then the Bobbie, then I carefully put a second coat on Caronia.

I used tape for the color-blocking, just so you know. :D

 What can you say???? Do you like the combination of shades? :D Leave a comment below! :D


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