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Sunday, September 2, 2012 Online Launch!

Hello Charmed Girls! got live yesterday!! Whoo!!! Congrats! I'm so excited yesterday that I kept on refreshing the page to see if it's already open! The site's temporarily down for a while (maybe because of a lot of viewers yesterday), so you better wait it to become live again!

BTW... Sorry if we haven't posted it early! Last night I was busy  confirming my attendance to an exceptionally awesome musical event.. but I can't tell you yet....for now :))

Meanwhile, let me tell you my online experience about!

Sharing your pictures and at the same time selling the products online? Cool! If you are a online seller-slash-blogger like my blog partner Aimee, (and soon I'll be selling accessories too! Watch out for it!), then is a perfect site for you!! Post, share, like, buy, and sell!! So interactive and fun!

Can't get enough of Stay tuned for their announcements regarding the site!

Visit their tumblog:


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