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Monday, September 17, 2012

Chef Lau's Dinner Party at Bistro Filipino by Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

Hello Charmed people!!!

    Last night was a gastronomic event for all the people who attend the Chef's Dinner Party by Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste and Chef Rolando Laudico at his resto, Bistro Filipino! In case you don't know, I won 2 seats for the dinner party! Yay! See my post here.  Chef Lau wanted to celebrate with few chosen guests his freedom from tooth-sensitivity and I'm very glad to be able to come and enjoy eating without that painful feeling in our pearly whites. Are you excited as me?
So, let's witness our adventure! Yes, it's an adventure 'cause it was a very long and fun night for all of us

We came about 6:30pm at Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino at BGC, Taguig. After few minutes of walking around, we finally made it there and welcomed warmly by the organizers and sponsors.

My outfit for that night

What do you think about my outfit?

And they congratulated me for winning … and luckily, because we're also assigned to Table 1!

My lemon-name… (get it? Lemon-Name? haha XD )

Since there's just few people around, I moved around and took pictures of the place...

I'm actually finding Margaret's Lemon Name 'cause she hasn't arrived yet that time. When I found her seat, I returned to our table and wondered who'll be sitting around our table… And I found this!

And I was like, "Divine? As in Divine Lee? Oh my!!!!" . I really want to check if that's Divine Lee's seat next to us then I found another lemon name...

No wonder! I'm excited to see them!!

And finally they arrived!

When I first saw Divine Lee I was like, "Ang tangkad niya!" She's towering…and slim! I felt really short! I mean, she's just wearing a 4-inch pumps, if I'm not mistaken, but then I technically looked-up to her! Even Chef Lau commented about her height!
And she's so becky! :D


Then with VictorBasa of course! He's so gwapo rin! And tall! haha :D Guess I need additional inches >.<

If you're asking where's Chef Lau, actually he's around the counter chatting with the other guests and his friends. So we're just finding the right timing to take picture with him.

Meanwhile, another couple came!

Colgate Fresh Confidence Endorsers- Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil!!

It was about 7:15 then the voice over told that the program will start in about 2 minutes. That just when we saw Chef Lau available so we took the chance to have picture with the owner of the Bistro Filipino and the one celebrating his freedom from tooth-sensitivity!

Chef Lau is really approachable and would spend time to chat with you if not only because the program will start soon!

The program started. Can you see how near we are?

They showed the magical mug. It's one of the freebies given to us at the registration area.
When you put hot water in it, the blue color will fade, as to show the logo of the event

Chef Lau was introduced to the audience then he talked about how Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief changed his life and now he wants to celebrate the pain-free way of enjoying eating!

The Menu 

So what are we waiting for? Let's get it started!

Chef Lau explained every dish while it is being served to us. How's that!

Of course the first is the appetizer course which is…

Lumpiang Ubod Cone with Frozen Spicy Vinegar

He wanted to recreate the Lumpiang Ubod--street-food style with cone-shaped crispy wrap. The vinegar sauce is also a complement, with its spicy and sour taste being balanced by having it frozen to lessen the spicy feel.

Here's the catch; When I and my father saw the dish, I told him "Pa, may hipon." ["There's shrimp"] then my father jokingly said "Hala ka…". I had allergies to shrimp when I was a kid but when I grew up it was nearly gone or the effects of eating it won't be as harmful as before but still you can't let me eat shrimp! I mean, I really don't eat it for quite some years from now, because of the shrimp-y smell and taste that I don't get used to it. BUT!!! BUT this Lumpiang Ubod Cone was different! I ate it. And I didn't even tasted the shrimp-y thing that I used to dislike but instead it was really appetizing!!!

Plus the vinegar was well blended to harmonize with the Lumpiang Ubod!

Next is the soup course:
Adobo Mushroom Cappuccino 
Adobo? Cappuccino? Yes! Chef Lau tried to add some twist to the usual Adobo! So many twists that you might think it's impossible but I tell you, you can really taste the adobo here!

It's the Adobo sauté with Shitake mushrooms and garlic foam to balance the sour taste, thus it's cappuccino!

And now the Salad dish coming right up!
Three Kinds of Mango Salad with Dijon Bagoong Vinaigrette

The yellow, green and dried mangoes you can see here topped with fresh leaves and...

Can you see that white thing on top? That's kesong-puti crusted with kasuy (cashew nuts)!! 

My favorite dish so far! Why? You know, all I was saying when I was eating the kesong-puti is "ang sarap" (Delicious), to my father and maybe because of that he gave me the kesong-puti from his plate!  While I'm typing this I can still remember how good it tastes!!
Well, maybe you won't forget your name but you may forget it's your companion's salad dish!

While we are waiting for the main course, Chef Lau approached our table to ask how's the food! And we, all those on the Table 1 unanimously told him that the Mango Salad was great! He also shared that ever since the Bistro Filipino started, this Mango Salad was one of the staple dishes they have on the menu!

He shared his experiences of being a chef! It was really fun listening until the main course came and he told us to start eating and ignore his presence there. Haha :D

For the Main Course:

Kitayama Wagyu Beef in Sampalok glaze served with Taro Puff and Oven-Roasted Tomatoes

In short, it's a Sinigang! With a twist!

The sauce tastes like Sinigang and of course added with the veggies to complete.

On top is liempo, then the Kitayama Wagyu Beef [ FYI: This Kitayama Wagyu Beef is a local product], then the Gabi or Taro Puff. Suggestion: Slice off bite-size pieces of each and eat them at the same time, and promise, you'll really got a taste of heaven! The magic of it comes from the complementing tastes of meat, taro and the sampalok that when eaten at once creates that "Hmmm" feeling!

My father commented that he highly appreciated this dish! And even told me that I should eat already. And the manner of eating it!
That's a big thing for me 'cause he usually doesn't talk during events and keeps his comments until we reached home. And he's the one cooking in our house so, criticizing is what he usually do but this dish made him say a really good note!
Honestly, I've consumed all of it! Sabi nga eh, "said na said"!
Hmmm, we're full but there's still room for dessert! But before they serve it, Chef Lau admits that making dessert is not his forte, but his wife's, Chef Jacquie, the chocolateire. She's the other half of the resto, concocting chocolates and desserts with a Filipino touch, so the name, Patisserie Filipino as the brand of the desserts.

She's really nice! When I asked if we could take picture she agreed and told us not to leave because there's still a surprise treat for us. And we shouldn't leave without bringing home that treat!


For the dessert:

Banana Cue Tart Flambé with Langka Ice Cream and Caramel Crunch

Chef Lau explained that they really want to stuck on the concept of Filipino-inspired dishes. Like the first course, the Lumpiang Ubod, Chef Jacquie made the Banana Cue, which is one of the popular street-foods , into a lot more sweeter, delicious and elegant dish!

All yummy treats you can think of in one! Tart, ice cream, caramel and leche flan! 

What a happy and yummy ending! Both of the gastronomic adventure for tonight and my tummy!!
Or wasn't it the end yet?
Meanwhile, there's a raffle of Bistro Filipino GC's and Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Coffee Maker!

And before we leave, we had some picture-taking!

Why am I so kilig over Kean Cipriano of Callalily? I mean, I'm not really into bad boy looks but he sings! I like guys who sings! Isn't he cute too?

Margaret! Do you know that literally she's been "rubbing elbows" with Nikki Gil? Haha XD

Ms. Patty Laurel in neon dress! She really stood out of the crowd because of her dress!

Ms. Carla Abellana, endorser of Palmolive Shampoo! She looks stunning with her black hourglass-inspired halter dress!

The freebies

Here's the surprise treat Chef Jacquie told earlier.  

Truffles and Pralines!

We definitely enjoyed the dinner party at Chef Lau's Bistro Filipino!!

Experience freedom from tooth sensitivity by using Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief!
'Til next!


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