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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Collage IT lovely! :)

Good rainy evening, everyone!

It's my time to share another blog giveaway experience. 

Just a while ago, I received a message saying that I won in a giveaway contest. This really made me feel happy and, of course, really lucky. I'm not that kind of person who joins every giveaway contest I lay my eyes on (though, there's nothing really wrong with that.) I just join whenever I feel like joining. :)

Actually, one of the factors that really made me want to blog are those giveaways held by generous bloggers out there in order to gain followers (or  maybe because of other reasons). Like many, hesitation really occurred to me at first. I used to ask myself, 'are these people that rich to just giveaway random stuff to anyone by only clicking the 'follow' or 'like' button here in the cyber world?' Pretty sure that many have also asked that question. I've read posts on Tumblr by different people who were surprised and hesitant like I did before. Many didn't really like spam about giveaways flooding their dashboards. But then, the day that I've won my first giveaway prize came and that really surprised me. I'm on my way to school that morning when someone called me asking for my address. That call made my day. Also, I felt 100% lucky from that day on because my prize isn't just an ordinary prize. It is a gift certificate worth of Php 2000. As I remember, I made a blog post about that here (Please do check it :).
Okay, enough of that long story of my previous giveaway prize. Past is past and lets now focus on the present. I've won a software. It is a full version of CollageIt software from Pearl Mountain Soft Technology. 'CollageIt is an easy-to-use collage maker which allows you to make photo collages on Mac and Windows automatically in minutes with just a few clicks. With it you can share your photos with friends and family in a unique way'. 
You can also download it for free at

Before I end this post, I am extending my deepest gratitude to Pearl Mountain Soft Technology and to Ms. Paige Seven of Petite Rayon de Soleil for this very wonderful software. Thank you so much! :)

A sample of the collage I made. This is really perfect for a totally vain girl like me. :))

Have a nice night.
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With much love,
Aimee. :)


  1. Thank you Aimee! :)
    Ang nice ng collage mo. :">

  2. Ngayon ko lang nabasa comment mo ate Paige. :> Thank you! :>