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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Caronia Tropical Doll collection X Blogger bonding!

Hello Charmed girls!

Last, last Friday, we Paige, Aimee and I had a blogger bonding. Means we had bonding, like taking pictures, posing like crazy and the like. It all started when Paige asked us to paint our nails with her new Caronina nail polishes (see her post here!). And we ended up taking pictures, and yes, blogging about it. :)

 Aimee and I posing with our newly polished nails by Paige.

On Aimee: Caronia Nail Polish in Kiwi  On MoMo: Caronia Nail Polish in Tangerine

Paige had picked colors that suits our skin tone and personality. Aimee had that alabaster skin and the green one matched her skin very well! Mine is like a clash of red and orange, good for my natural beige skin.

Paige and me! Say welcome to my new hair!

Pictures we had featuring our nails!

Total opposites!

Cutey, dreamy Aimee

Fierce, charmed girl, MoMo   

Aimee with Mikee

The one on the right is Mikee. She has been the one taking pictures! Thanks Mikee!
Trivia: Mikee is a varsity chess player here in UP(I tried "googling" her name, and I saw it in a lot of chess rankings and competition!). Our orgmate and friend, she's really kind and cute!


Me and Mikee

What's more fun than having your blogger friends right here,not just one call away but just one..uhmm... whisper away? Haha :D  So we're making the most of it. Not everyone of us can be in just one time and be ready for doing this and end up posting it. When we found the right time, we didn't waste time! Shoot!

How about you? Share us your bonding experience with your blogger friends too! Even if you don't have (yet), then we can be one, or two! Haha :) Just keep in touch with us!

For blog collaborations, questions, comments or just to say hi,hello,buenas noches, bonjour,moshi moshi or anything else you want to say just send us a mail; for MoMo: charmedgirl2095[at]yahoo[dot]com ;For Aimee: cream_luciano[at]yahoo[dot]com

Can't wait to hear from you!



  1. Yehess nakapost din pala dito :) next naman yung Grang Grang ni Aimee... isasama pa ba yung NAPAKADUGONG BTS nun? :)))) Peace, Aimee :P

  2. Wow! Seems like you girls had fun! :)

  3. <3 love ko photos ninyo!

  4. Thank you Ate Nina! Sana next time you'll be the one to take picture of us! :D

  5. Really!!! Shy pa si Aimee niyan! :)

  6. I'd already told her to blog about it hehe :D Aww, I'll think twice before getting contact lens na... :)))

  7. looks fun ha! :)


  8. Oh yeah! :D Thanks for dropping by Mish! :D