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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some Love from Pandora's Boxes

Hi there lovely ladies!

Look at my eyes and be hypnotize!

Kidding! :)

Blessing has once again fallen into my arms. Lucky me, I won again in a giveaway contest. This time I won a pair of lovely brown grang-grang from Pandora's Boxes. It's actually my first time to own a pair of contact lenses and I don't even now how to use it. Good thing, there's ate Paige of Petit Rayon de Soleil (Sweet Little Bits) to help me with this. She taught me how to wear it and in fact, it actually took us about 30 minutes to wear this contacts. I find it really really hard to wear it on my own. It seems as if I cried a thousand tears because of the eye solution that kept on dripping. :)) I salute those who wear contact lenses everyday. I bet it will take me an hour just to wear it on my own, though I haven't tried doing so. I only wear this under ate Paige's supervision. :))

Thank you so much to Pandora's boxes for my first ever contact lense and to Ate Paige for helping me wear them. If you want to try wearing contacts, don't hesitate to trust your eyes to Pandora's Boxes. They will surely give your eyes a pretty instant make-over!

SO here's a picture of it, close-up.
You can see the brown patterns in the lenses. Pretty, right? :)

 And, here I am at your service, bringing you a late review of my new contact lenses!
Brown Grang-grang looks best during the day. For those who doesn't want contact lenses that are too loud (noticeable), I bet you'll surely love this brown Grang-grang contacts. 

PS: I'm wearing contacts for aesthetic purposes only. My eyes are still good. :)

For more infos and to order your own lovely contacts, check out Pandora's Boxes. They offer a wide variety of contact lenses, make-ups and other beauty products that will surely satisfy your needs and wants.

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Lotsa love,
Mee Mee

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  1. Wow! looks great on you! I too have a contact lens review on my blog! <3
    XO, Mish