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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Featured Brand: Pretty Harbor

Pretty Harbor
"Handcrafted Jewels made with Love"

Pretty Harbor is a jewelry brand created in 2011 in Sydney by a French designer named, Ingrid Anciaux. She lived in several regions in France, including the Champagne Region and Paris. Being a curious French woman, she absorbed the culture of these places, including their femininity and elegance. These features you can see in the current collections of Pretty Harbor, namely: Blossom Flowers, Glorious Grapes and Marie-Antoinette.

Each collection uses semi-precious stones, like cracked agate, onyx and goldstones, that are incorporated with laces, ropes and chains. Beautifully handcrafted to suit woman's elegance.

Marie-Antoinette Collection

"Collection made of Onyx and tribute to the royal beauty of Marie-Antoinette; sometimes revered, sometimes envied but never equaled. All those satin bows are reminiscent and refer to the costumes of the late 18th century in France."

This is my favorite collection! The black-and-white ensemble screams elegance, but paired with pink ribbon breaks the monotony!

Madame Royale

The Last Queen

Glorious Grapes

"Collection made of Goldstones and trimmings. A grape foretaste will be felt in this exhilarating collection that takes us right to the heart of the French vineyards' grape varieties. Their finely braided ropes, their delicate beads with thousand sparkles attract grapes' sweet and necessary heat to offer us a full poetry result."

Perfect for those who want it earthy and nude. I remember county music and bohemian outfits.

Clairette Beauty

Blossom Flowers

"This collection which defines embroidery and yellow cracked Agate is as dark as it is fragile. The delicate game of chains, flowers and beads mix deliver a timeless collection that will enhance both your day or evening clothes."

So intricately designed. If you are fond of floral designs and embroidery, this collection is for you. This collection will surely soften your outfit.

Agate Flower

Subtil Lace

Find the one that suits you and browse their website at . They now have an on going sale! Experience a touch of French, with feminine beauty.

Disclaimer: Images and information from Pretty Harbor.


  1. COOL :DDDD i just loved it :D

  2. The blossom flowers necklace is very pretty, how much for it?

  3. According to the website, both of them are priced $32 :D

  4. According to the website, both of them are priced $32 :D

  5. They are pretty. :)