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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Picture Perfect: Stargazers at 9am

Hello Charmed Girls!

Sorry for large gaps of posts. We're so busy for school. Hope you understand. But like what I've said, whenever I'm in school I still take pictures. You know how it feels like being surrounded by trees and flowers and grasses here in UP. You suddenly feel you're part of the nature.
And because of a lot of pictures I've collected, I've started a new blog! (**Cheers**) It's called MoMo's Photography ( It's my room for my pictures, mostly my focus is nature, the hidden beauty of nature.
Here are some of my pictures posted on MoMo's Photography. For more of this post and the story behind it kindly visit the said blog, and don't forget to leave your lovely comments!

"Give me your Hand"

Don't forget to drop by at MoMo's Photography!

Love Lots,


  1. Thumbs up to you new layout and new site :)

    1. Thank you! Aimee gets the credit :D